Long Name: Republic of Paraguay

Location: Central South America, northeast of Argentina

Area: 157,046 sq. mi. (406,750 sq. km)

Climate: subtropical to temperate; substantial rainfall in the eastern portions, becoming semiarid in the far west

Terrain: grassy plains and wooded hills east of Rio Paraguay; Gran Chaco region west of Rio Paraguay mostly low, marshy plain near the river, and dry forest and thorny scrub elsewhere

Population: 6,831,306

Population Growth Rate: 2.39%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 28.47

Death Rate (per 1,000): 4.49

Life Expectancy: 75.56 years

Ethnic Groups: mestizo (mixed Spanish and Amerindian) 95%, other 5%

Religion: Roman Catholic 89.6%, Protestant 6.2%, other Christian 1.1%, other or unspecified 1.9%, none 1.1%

Languages: Spanish (official), Guarani (official)

Literacy: 94%

Government Type: constitutional republic

Capital: Asuncion

Independence: 14 May 1811 (from Spain)

GDP Per Capita: $4,000

Occupations: agriculture 31%, industry 17%, services 52%

Currency: guarani (PYG)


Long Name: Republic of Peru

Location: Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador

Area: 496,224 sq. mi. (1,285,220 sq. km)

Climate: varies from tropical in east to dry desert in west; temperate to frigid in Andes

Terrain: western coastal plain (costa), high and rugged Andes in center (sierra), eastern lowland jungle of Amazon Basin (selva)

Population: 29,180,900

Population Growth Rate: 1.264%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 19.77

Death Rate (per 1,000): 6.16

Life Expectancy: 70.44 years

Ethnic Groups: Amerindian 45%, mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white) 37%, white 15%, black, Japanese, Chinese, and other 3%

Religion: Roman Catholic 81%, Seventh Day Adventist 1.4%, other Christian 0.7%, other 0.6%, unspecified or none 16.3%

Languages: Spanish (official), Quechua (official), Aymara, and a large number of minor Amazonian languages

Literacy: 87.7%

Government Type: constitutional republic

Capital: Lima

Independence: 28 July 1821 (from Spain)

GDP Per Capita: $7,600

Occupations: agriculture 9%, industry 18%, services 73%

Currency: nuevo sol (PEN)

The Philippines

Long Name: Republic of the Philippines

Location: Southeastern Asia, archipelago between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, east of Vietnam

Area: 115,830 sq. mi. (300,000 sq. km)

Climate: tropical marine; northeast monsoon (November to April); southwest monsoon (May to October)

Terrain: mostly mountains with narrow to extensive coastal lowlands

Population: 96,061,680 Population Growth Rate: 1.991%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 26.42

Death Rate (per 1,000): 5.15

Life Expectancy: 70.8 years

Ethnic Groups: Tagalog 28.1%, Cebuano 13.1%, Ilocano 9%, Bisaya/Binisaya 7.6%, Hiligaynon Ilonggo 7.5%, Bikol 6%, Waray 3.4%, other 25.3%

Religion: Roman Catholic 80.9%, Muslim 5%, Evangelical 2.8%, Iglesia ni Kristo 2.3%, Aglipayan 2%, other Christian 4.5%, other 1.8%, unspecified 0.6%, none 0.1%

Languages: Filipino (official; based on Tagalog) and English (official); eight major dialects - Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon or Ilonggo, Bicol, Waray, Pampango, and Pangasinan

Literacy: 92.6%

Government Type: republic Capital: Manila

Independence: 12 June 1898 (independence proclaimed from Spain); 4 July 1946 (from the US)

GDP Per Capita: $3,200

Occupations: agriculture 35%, industry 15%, services 50%

Currency: Philippine peso (PHP)


Long Name: Republic of Poland

Location: Central Europe, east of Germany

Area: 120,725 sq. mi. (312,679 sq. km)

Climate: temperate with cold, cloudy, moderately severe winters with frequent precipitation; mild summers with frequent showers and thunder-showers

Terrain: mostly flat plain; mountains along southern border

Population: 38,500,696 Population Growth Rate: -0.045%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 10.01

Death Rate (per 1,000): 9.99

Life Expectancy: 75.41 years

Ethnic Groups: Polish 96.7%, German 0.4%, Belarusian 0.1%, Ukrainian 0.1%, other and unspecified 2.7%

Religion: Roman Catholic 89.8% (about 75% practicing), Eastern Orthodox 1.3%, Protestant 0.3%, other 0.3%, unspecified 8.3%

Languages: Polish 97.8%, other and unspecified 2.2%

Literacy: 99.8%

Government Type: republic Capital: Warsaw

Independence: 11 November 1918 (republic proclaimed)

GDP Per Capita: $16,200

Occupations: agriculture 16.1%, industry 29%, services 54.9%

Currency: zloty (PLN)

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