The potential of Local Development Units as a cornerstone for local development in Jordan

Local Development Units were created at governorate level in 2003 “with the aim of developing participatory mechanisms to engage local stakeholders in local development processes” (Ababsa, 2015). In February 2008, 92 functions were transferred from the level of line ministries, to governorates to “make public services more accessible to the population, however, these services were limited in scope and neither the governorates,

LDUs nor the local authorities were sufficiently empowered to adopt more proactive roles” (Ababsa, 2015).

In this context, the new institutional set up due to the DL and Municipal Law (ML) gives an important role to Local Development Units as they are located at the heart of the governorate and municipal level, and called to be a cornerstone of governorate and municipal public administration. The main role of LDUs is to act as general secretariat at the governorate and municipal level and as an interface with local community stakeholders, civil society and private sector.

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