Within the context of national rules regarding requests for proposals, RDAs may adapt some of their programmes for local needs within a set of common instruments across the country. The variations may include the sectors for support or the types of organisations (in some cases this may be an NGO), etc. Any RDA action must be in compliance with national policy and international agreements, therefore support to certain sectors may be restricted. In addition to business support-related measures, RDAs also have an explicit technical assistance role (see description of mission above). Local institutions may apply for training, human resource development, or other capacity building needs. The RDA can either provide services directly or contract out those services. The RDA may also support certain infrastructure investments for innovation and business development. RDAs also provide the promotion of business and investment facilities, supporting the administrative process for investors through Investment Support Offices established in each province. Since 2008, RDAs have supported more than 12 000 projects, through all modalities, by allocating nearly EUR 770 million.

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