CSOs and citizens seek interaction with central and local decision-making centres

At the central level, a majority of CSOs interact with ministries and parliament. Around a third has established some form of collaboration with the Royal Court. The regular contact with ministries is reflected by the fact that a majority of CSOs report contacting public officials on a weekly basis, while CSOs interact less frequently with members of Parliament and the Royal Court.

At the subnational level, the methods applied by local authorities to interact with CSOs and citizens can vary between municipalities (e.g. regular meetings of the “Municipality Friendship Group” in Deir Alla; ad hoc meetings with citizens in Ajloun and in Al Salt to discuss immediate service needs). CSO activity at the subnational level focuses on the executive decision-making centre, both at the governorate (governor) and the municipality level (mayor). Another preferred target for CSOs seeking influence are local development units (LDUs) and other service providers, whereas members of the Executive Council (governorate level) and the elected municipal council seem to play a less important role in this regard.

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