Budget transparency

Establish a formal mechanism through which CSOs and citizens can participate in the budget process, in particular at local level, to tailor the allocation of public expenditure to their needs and priorities. Experiments with participatory budgeting schemes at the subnational level (e.g. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and three pilot municipalities) could be replicated on a bigger scale to foster a sense of participatory policy making in practice, in particular among the disengaged and vulnerable groups in society.

Legal status and operational freedom of civil society

  • • Request the Registration Management Council to justify the rejection of an application by a written statement. This requirement would increase the transparency of the application procedure and increase legal certainty among CSOs to operate legally.
  • • Organise a national consultation process about the potential amendments of the 2008 Law No. 51 on Society to increase awareness among civil society organisations and ensure that all relevant stakeholders can raise their voice and potential concerns. Moreover, these amendments should be reconsidered in light of the critical role that CSOs, particularly at municipal and district level, play in providing services to neglected groups in society
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