Long Name: Tuvalu

Location: Oceania, island group consisting of nine coral atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, about one-half of the way from Hawaii to Australia

Area: 10 sq. mi. (26 sq. km)

Climate: tropical; moderated by easterly trade winds (March to November); westerly gales and heavy rain (November to March)

Terrain: very low-lying and narrow coral atolls

Population: 12,177 Population Growth Rate: 1.577%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 22.75

Death Rate (per 1,000): 6.98

Life Expectancy: 68.97 years

Ethnic Groups: Polynesian 96%, Micronesian 4%

Religion: Church of Tuvalu (Congregationalist) 97%, Seventh-Day Adventist 1.4%, Baha'i 1%, other 0.6%

Languages: Tuvaluan, English, Samoan, Kiribati (on the island of Nui)

Literacy: N/A

Government Type: constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy

Capital: Funafuti

Independence: 1 October 1978 (from United Kingdom)

GDP Per Capita: $1,600

Occupations: people make a living mainly through exploitation of the sea, reefs, and atolls and from wages sent home by those abroad (mostly workers in the phosphate industry and sailors)

Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)


Long Name: Republic of Uganda

Location: Eastern Africa, west of Kenya

Area: 91,135 sq. mi. (236,040 sq. km)

Climate: tropical; generally rainy with two dry seasons (December to February, June to August); semiarid in northeast

Terrain: mostly plateau with rim of mountains

Population: 31,367,972 Population Growth Rate: 3.603%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 48.15

Death Rate (per 1,000): 12.32

Life Expectancy: 52.34 years

Ethnic Groups: Baganda 16.9%,

Banyakole 9.5%, Basoga 8.4%, Bakiga 6.9%, Iteso 6.4%, Langi 6.1%, Acholi 4.7%, Bagisu 4.6%, Lugbara 4.2%, Bunyoro 2.7%, other 29.6%

Religion: Roman Catholic 41.9%, Protestant 42% (Anglican 35.9%,

Pentecostal 4.6%, Seventh Day Adventist 1.5%), Muslim 12.1%, other 3.1%, none 0.9%

Languages: English (official national language, taught in grade schools, used in courts of law and by most newspapers and some radio broadcasts), Ganda or Luganda (most widely used of the Niger-Congo languages, preferred for native language publications in the capital and may be taught in school), other Niger-Congo languages, Nilo-Saharan languages, Swahili, Arabic

Literacy: 66.8%

Government Type: republic

Capital: Kampala

Independence: 9 October 1962 (from United Kingdom)

GDP Per Capita: $1,000

Occupations: agriculture 82%, industry 5%, services 13%

Currency: Ugandan shilling (UGX)


Long Name: Ukraine

Location: Eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Poland, Romania, and Moldova in the west and Russia in the east

Area: 233,089 sq. mi. (603,700 sq. km)

Climate: temperate continental; Mediterranean only on the southern Crimean coast; precipitation disproportionately distributed, highest in west and north, lesser in east and southeast; winters vary from cool along the Black Sea to cold farther inland; summers are warm across the greater part of the country, hot in the south

Terrain: most of Ukraine consists of fertile plains (steppes) and plateaus, mountains being found only in the west (the Carpathians), and in the Crimean Peninsula in the extreme south

Population: 45,994,288

Population Growth Rate: -0.651%

Birth Rate (per 1,000): 9.55

Death Rate (per 1,000): 15.93

Life Expectancy: 68.06 years

Ethnic Groups: Ukrainian 77.8%, Russian 17.3%, Belarusian 0.6%, Moldovan 0.5%, Crimean Tatar 0.5%, Bulgarian 0.4%, Hungarian 0.3%, Romanian 0.3%, Polish 0.3%, Jewish 0.2%, other 1.8%

Religion: Ukrainian Orthodox-Kyiv Patriarchate 50.4%, Ukrainian Orthodox-Moscow Patriarchate 26.1%, Ukrainian Greek Catholic 8%, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox 7.2%, Roman Catholic 2.2%, Protestant 2.2%, Jewish 0.6%, other 3.2%

Languages: Ukrainian (official) 67%, Russian 24%, other 9% (includes small Romanian-, Polish-, and Hungarian-speaking minorities)

Literacy: 99.4%

Government Type: republic

Capital: Kyiv

Independence: 24 August 1991 (from Soviet Union)

GDP Per Capita: $7,000

Occupations: agriculture 25%, industry 20%, services 55%

Currency: hryvnia (UAH)

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