Definition of HP-DP Intervention and Measurement Procedures

One of the first planning tasks that all programs must perform is to describe what assessment and intervention procedures (Pn) clients with specific characteristics are supposed to receive as part of routine care and as part of an evaluation. E-C-(C) group intervention procedures need to be described, specifying the following: (1) what, (2) who, (3) when, (4) how much, and (5) where. Descriptions of these process variables are essential to standardize methods, develop staff training programs, recommend specific modifications of methods during pilot testing and at the end of an evaluation study, and replicate methods by future intervention programs and evaluation studies. Because “normal” health education methods and staff behavior will typically change from the presence of an evaluation, documentation of salient clinical procedures at each client contact is essential before and during an evaluation study.

Information in Table 5.6 describes the core HP-DP procedures, the staff providing the procedures, methods and materials, and time. Cost can be estimated for each procedure. This description helps project staff to define client procedures, personnel methods, and materials, and to estimate time for each client contact. As noted in Table 5.6, this method defines what methods were supposed to be provided by whom at each visit/contact. It is also an excellent

table 5.6 Specification of Intervention Procedures





Describe the structure-procedures-content of the health education program used, including, e.g., audiovisuals, written materials, and telephone counseling methods.


Name each member of the staff by degree/title who provides each procedure.


Specify the time (estimated or observed) to deliver each health education procedure at each contact.

How much:

Specify the frequency, duration, and periodicity of procedures for each patient contact by the type of method and type of provider.


Specify where and how the procedures are delivered, e.g., group, one-to-one format, video, text messages, or interactive computer.

method to document labor and non-labor costs for an intervention. Separate forms should be used to describe procedures for the experimental group and control group in an evaluation study. Each intervention program needs to provide descriptions of their core clinical practice procedures.

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