Ethics and Human Rights in Anglophone African Women’s Literature: Feminist Empathy

African Feminism: Old Wine in a New Wine Bottle?African Feminism: A Short Historical SketchThe Weaknesses of African Feminist TheoryFemale Subjectivity and African Feminist DiscourseEmpathy: Making Sense of a ConceptHuman Rights and LiteratureNarratives, Privilege, and the Pain of Other PeopleAfrican Women’s Narratives and Feminist EmpathyNotesFeminism as FairnessWe Should All Be FeministsJohn Rawls and the Original PositionWhy Does Society Hate My Body?Narrating Justice and FairnessGuilt and the Search for JusticeAgent-Regret as Necessary for FairnessImagining Human RightsNotesDiary of Intense Pain: The Postcolonial Trap and Women’s RightsThe Limits of Postcolonial CriticismPain and the Challenge of Being an African Woman in the Twenty-first CenturyOf Pain and the Demand for EmpathyPain, Solidarity, and Search for CommunityMugabe Syndrome and the Challenges of PostcolonialityNotesThe Body in Pain and the Politics of CultureThe Politics of Female CircumcisionI Tell of the Body in PainBodily Pain as a Trope for Existential PainNarrative, Empathy, and CommunityNotesAbstractions as Disablers of Women’s RightsLola Shoneyin: Polygamy as a Disabling InstitutionRaising Questions, Raising AwarenessNationalism and Human RightsWhen Right Means LifeNotesThe Enslaved Body as a Symbol of Universal Human Rights AbuseSlavery as a Metaphor of Abuse of Human RightsDreams as an Expression of Human RightsWomen in Search of Lost DignityHistorical Consciousness and Human RightsConclusion: The Rights of One Are the Rights of AllNotesHuman Rights as Liberatory Social ThoughtHuman Rights as Social ThoughtViolence and the Curse of SilenceAs the Family Goes, So Does the NationHow to Liberate an Oppressed SocietySolidarity as an Exercise in EmpathyNotesThe Obligation to Bear Testimony to Human Rights AbusesStories and the Ethics of TestimonyJabbeh Wesley’s Poetics of AttentionThe Silence the Dead Refuse to TakeRemembering as Confronting MeaninglessnessNotesBibliography
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