Strengthen the links between migration, investment, financial services and development

The link between migration and investments in Georgia is not clear-cut, and although remittances and return migration do seem to spur investments in entrepreneurship and real estate, barriers to productive investments still remain. Business ownership is low among the households in the sample, and no link between remittances and business ownership was found. Furthermore, although most households have access to the formal financial sector, few have participated in financial training. Sectoral policies could help create a more enabling investment environment for remittances by providing financial literacy training and facilitating business creation.

  • • Provide business management and entrepreneur skills courses, promote entrepreneurship and help remittance-receiving households and return migrants overcome barriers to investments. Providing more information about local investment opportunities to return migrants could also increase investments.
  • • Develop financial education programmes to enhance financial literacy, especially in areas with high emigration rates and remittance flows.
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