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A short course of lectures
«Ace Your Teacher Interview»

: Why weren't your grades better?: Talk about the physical attributes of a classroom.Believes His or Her Methods and Philosophies Are the Only (or Best) OnesProfessionalismTalks Too MuchNervousness: What is the difference between assessment and evaluation?: Describe the most challenging student you've experienced and how you dealt with him or her.: How do you motivate reluctant readers?: Why did you decide to major in biology (or history or elementary education)?: How will you complement this school?: What are some teaching methods used in full inclusion classrooms?Preparing for the Interview—10 How To'sNontraditional Candidates—What You Need to KnowTelephoneHypothetical and Situational Scenarios: Who else are you interviewing with?Share your desire to learn. Do Your Homework: How will this person make my job easier?D. PresentationScreening InterviewsSequential or Serial Interviews: What can you tell me about differentiated instruction?: Why should teachers use lesson plans?: What are your professional goals for the next five years?: What are your plans for professional growth?Body Language: What characteristics make a master teacher?WomenAcknowledgmentsGives Short, Vague, or Incomplete AnswersArgues with the InterviewerC. Speech: What steps would you take with a student who was disruptive in your classroom?: What can you tell me about guided reading?The Secret Benefit of a Thank-You LetterKnow Your StrengthsMenLacks Confidence and Self-Esteem: What was your second career choice?G. OtherDoesn't Know Current Educational Issues: How do you plan to individualize instruction?: What type of person would you hire for this position?: What can you tell me about reading-comprehension instruction?: Why do you want to be a teacher?: Describe the best teacher you ever had and what he or she taught you about teaching.: Why should we hire you?: How do you define success?: Tell me (us) a little about yourself.: How will you involve the community in your classroom?One-on-One InterviewsHas "Not My Job" Syndrome: Tell me about a time when you didn't perform well in student teaching.Engages in Inappropriate Behaviors: Tell me about a situation that frustrated you during student teaching.: How would you differentiate your instruction to meet the needs of your diverse learners?: What does it mean to be a successful teacher?B. Questions About the Job/PositionElectronic: What skills do you think are most critical to this position?: What are some things teachers do that create classroom-management problems?EnthusiasmEvaluationIs Arrogant: What is your philosophy of classroom discipline?Volunteers Inappropriate Information: Where do you want to be in five years?: If I walked into your classroom, what would it look like?Questions to Ask YourselfVoiceB. Questions to Ask Yourself About Your WeaknessesMaintains Poor Eye Contact: What are some of your hobbies or leisure-time activities?Has No Sense of DirectionDoesn't Follow UpJ. Round-Up QuestionsWhat You Need to Know About Interviews: What is RTI, and what are its advantages?: What concerns you most about teaching?: Describe how you will deal with different cultures in your classroom.: Tell me about one of your lessons that flopped.: How will you integrate technology into your classroom?E. Questions to Ask Yourself About the Overall InterviewLesson Planning: How will your students' overall performance improve as a result of technology?Interview Formats and TypesFlexibility: Since this will be your first teaching job, how do you know you'll like the career path?: What motivates you to be a teacher?Likeability: How would you describe the ideal teacher?Showcase your discipline or behavior-management skills. : What were some of the things you didn't like about student teaching?: What are some ways to let parents know about the positive things going on in your classroom?What You Need to KnowInterview Types and Settings: What are you going to do for that kid who just "doesn't get it"?Has No Questions for the Interviewer: What is your philosophy of education?: What do you enjoy most about working with young people?: What experiences have you had working with students other than student teaching?Is Not FocusedQuestions You Should Ask (and Questions You Shouldn't)A. Questions to Ask Yourself About Your StrengthsD. Questions That Highlight Your QualificationsA. Questions About the School/DistrictUsing the Essential SevenStories—Tell 'Em Stories: Why did you apply for this position?Has a Relaxed or Informal Attitude: What two things would you like to improve about yourself?: What is the most exciting initiative happening in education today?Respect EverybodyGroupF. Questions You Shouldn't Even Think About Asking!!: What do you know about this school?: Describe a teaching strategy you use to maximize the learning potential of all students.Student OrientationUsing AnecdotesMen and Women: What three things really make you angry?First Impressions: What classroom-management techniques do you use or are you most comfortable with?Teaching a LessonPromptnessIs Self-CenteredEye ContactLacks Confidence: How have you handled criticism of your lessons or teaching performance?: Why did you attend College?Demonstrate how your life skills transfer into the classroom. : What are your plans for graduate school?Skills and Experience: What do you want your students to remember about your classroom?E. KnowledgeOffers a Limp or Overly Firm Handshake: What do you like best about teaching? What do you like least?: What is standards-based education?: Compared with other student teachers, how would you rate yourself?: What are some of the challenges of inclusion?Is Inarticulate: What's the most creative or innovative lesson you have taught?: If you are not successful in getting a full-time job, what will you do?: How would you handle varied reading abilities in your classroom?Follow-Up And Follow-Through: Tell me about your most challenging discipline problem.: What things about yourself would you like to bring out that have not yet been discussed in the interview?Put Your Best Foot Forward (The Nonverbal Edge)Demonstrates Poor Listening SkillsQ: How long have you had that disability?: Please describe the difference between content standards, benchmarks, and performance standards.: Please describe the steps you use to plan a lesson.Eight Interview Themes: What were the most rewarding aspects of student teaching?: What would you say are the broad responsibilities of a classroom teacher?: What is the most important quality of a teacher?: Describe how you will make your classroom and the students comfortable.: Why should I consider you for the position?Common Hypothetical and Situational ScenariosStudent NeedsG. Discipline, Motivation, and Classroom Management: What is your greatest strength as a teacher?: If I hired you today, what would you do first?: What gives you the greatest pleasure in teaching?: What is your philosophy regarding homework?: What are your goals in education? Where do you see yourself five years from now? How does this position fit into your career plans?: How do you know students have learned what you taught them?Tells the Interviewer What He or She Thinks the Interviewer Wants to HearH. Parents and Community: What three expectations do you hold for yourself?Using ResearchFace-to-FaceHiring InterviewsPassion for TeachingZingers! (and 25 Dynamite Answers): What, for you, is the most important aspect about discipline?Isn't FlexibleDemonstrate your time-management skills. Displays Negative Body LanguageGroup Interviews: How do you deal with stress?Makes a Bad Impression in the Waiting AreaE. Questions to Close the InterviewCommunicates Ideas PoorlyIs Tardy: Why is it important to communicate with parents?Gives Defensive or Aggressive AnswersThe Bottom LinePractice Makes Perfect: What book are you currently reading or have you read recently?Mock InterviewsPerformance InterviewsGet up to speed on technology. : What is your philosophy of teaching?B. Personal: To establish a positive classroom environment, share what you will do the first few days of school.Highlight your maturity. : What kind of principal would you like to work for?: What would you do with a student who has ADHD?F. Curriculum, Instruction, and AssessmentExude confidence. : Why do you want to teach in this school/district?: What is a balanced reading program?Q: How old are you?: Describe your teaching style.Management and Discipline: Describe an ideal classroom.Uses a Cell PhoneLacks Passion: If you could change anything about your teacher-preparation program, what would it be?Is Discourteous, Ill-Mannered, and DisrespectfulThe Single-Most Important Question You Must Always Answer!The Themes of a Teacher Interview: If an administrator visited your classroom, what would he or she see?Focus on your "can-do" attitude. : What is your greatest weakness?MenShow your passion. : What are some strategies you plan on using to teach learning-disabled students?: How would you motivate an unmotivated student?Don't Mess Up! 43 Mistakes You Can't Afford to MakeBasic Interview Questions (and 123 Fantastic Responses): How would you handle a student who is a consistent behavioral problem?: We have a number of applicants interviewing for this position. Why should we take a closer look at you?: What special skills or talents will you bring to your classroom?: Why do you want to teach?C. Questions About the Teaching EnvironmentWhat a School or District Wants: How do you handle discipline problems?F. Personality: What will you do if a parent challenges you?: Describe a teacher you admire.: How would you involve parents in the affairs of your classroom?F. Questions to Ask Myself About My Overall Performance on This InterviewDisplays Poor Social Skills: Describe a situation in which you made a difference in a child's life.C. Education, Training, and Experience: How would your best friend describe you?: What do you think is the biggest challenge teachers face today?: Describe how you would prepare for a parent-teacher conference.Reality Check C. Questions to Ask Yourself About the Interviewer: What is the greatest asset you will bring to the teaching profession?E. Student-Centered Questions: What have you found to be the toughest aspect of discipline?Asks Inappropriate Questions: What aspect of your teaching style would you like to change?: What skills or abilities do you still need to develop?B. Questions About YouIs Unwilling (or Unable) to Accept Responsibility: What might your college supervisor want to change about your teaching style?: How would your college supervisor (or cooperating teacher) describe you?: What are some ways you would communicate with parents about students' progress?Is a Know-It-All: Talk about time management.: What three adjectives would you use to describe yourself?: How much homework will you assign your students?: What can you tell me about inclusion?Panel InterviewsUses Poor GrammarWomenEnergy: What motivates you as a teacher?: What are the three courses you took that shaped the teacher you will be?Has a Negative Attitude: What new skills or ideas do you bring to the job that other candidates aren't likely to offer?: How do you stay current in education?: What would you consider to be a good homework assignment?: What do you think is wrong with education today?: What is the purpose of assessment?Body Parts and AdornmentIllegal QuestionsIs UnpreparedDisplays No Knowledge of the School or DistrictPresents a Poor AppearanceBlames StudentsI. Career GoalsGives Canned Answers: Why did you choose education as your career?: How would you handle a student saying, "You are the worst teacher ever! I hate you!": Do you believe you're qualified for this position?: What principles do you use to motivate students?: Tell me about a time when your co-operating teacher wasn't happy with your teaching.Clothing: What sets you apart from the crowd?Q: Do you plan to get pregnant?A. General QuestionsD. Classroom EnvironmentIs Dishonest or DeceptiveProcess vs. Product: How would you involve students in the development of classroom rules?: What do you think is the most difficult aspect of being a teacher?: Describe a time in student teaching when you failed to resolve a classroom conflict.Wait TimeQ: Where were you born?: What personal skill or work habit have you struggled to improve?A. Pre-Interview: Who's the toughest professor you've ever had, and why?: What are the essential traits of an effective educator?D. Questions to Ask Yourself About the Position: What do you want to achieve as a teacher?Role PlayingThe Essential SevenQ: Are you divorced?: Tell me something about yourself that I didn't know from reading your resume.The Thank-You LetterBe current. Responding to Hypotheticals: If, for one day, you were empowered to make one change to the education system, what would it be?: Why shouldn't we hire you?
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