Individual or Team Performance?

Another of the criticisms of jeopardy assessment of non-technical skills is that they are often deployed in a team-based work environment. Therefore, performance is a product of the team and not the individual, so how can individual assessments of competency be made? While this argument may ring true if a purely outcome-based approach to assessment is adopted, focussing on outcome at the expense of examining an individual’s non-technical knowledge and skills is inappropriate. As will be discussed in following sections, focussing on the outcome of performance is actually likely to bias assessment of the underlying skills. The benefit of a well-designed non-technical behavioural marker rating system is that it can be deployed at the individual level to identify the specific behaviours that gave rise to the positive or negative technical outcome.11 For instance, it could be the poor situation awareness of the captain and the poor assertiveness of the first officer that both contributed to the poor outcome.

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