Analysis: Identification of Specific Training Needs

The first reason why instructional systems design is important is that it demands that specific training needs are identified and clearly articulated. In many high-risk industries, the need for the training and assessment of non-technical skills is mandated through a regulatory framework. However, often these frameworks demand only a very generic structure for the syllabus and curriculum of non-technical skills training programs. Instructional systems design provides the tools to investigate and identify the specific training needs for a specific cohort of employees with respect to a broad domain such as ‘teamwork’ or ‘situation awareness’.

Design: Specification of Clear Learning Objectives

Instructional systems design demands the specification of the outcomes of a training program. These learning objectives define the knowledge and skills that will be developed through the training program and provide the benchmark against which assessment can be designed. In many industries, these learning objectives take the form of a competency specification, which has been described in detail in the previous chapter.

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