Communication and Teamwork: Core Enabling Knowledge

Even though communication is one of our very basic foundation human skills, much of what we have learnt by way of communication techniques are forms of tacit knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to build an explicit understanding of human communication if we are to develop enhanced communication skills.

Communication can be defined as the process of exchanging information, ideas and feelings.6 Communication can take place between two people or within a group. In high-risk industries, communication is closely aligned with the notion of teamwork, and we shall explore these two aspects of non-technical performance together.

Models of Communication

An obvious place to begin the development of core enabling knowledge relating to communication and teamwork is through exploring the basic models of communication. The most common of these involves a process of a person encoding a message into words or other forms and transmitting that message to one or more people, who receive, decode and make sense of the message. This model can then be translated from one-to-one communication to one-to-many or many-to-many forms of communication within a team environment.

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