Immersive displays

Samsung and other technology companies are currently working on contact lens screens; these are experimental right now and suffer the problem of how they are powered. The answer to that might be very close at hand, though, as other research is being conducted into using the body’s energy (both kinetic and heat) to power embedded devices.

Skin-top computer

The skin-top computer would use some kind of distributed circuitry on and in the body that can map movement and capture all kind of body data such as blood flow, temperature, sweating, hormone levels, and so on. The first tattoo-like printed circuits are already available; it might not be too long before a Skin-Top Arduino community emerges.[],

[127] [128]

Thought control

Finally, there are the developments happening in thought control. We have already seen early experiments in creating visual maps of the thoughts of dreaming people, and though this is probably some distance from enabling telepathy it is certainly intriguing. Crude mind control of computers has been around for some time and in a rather alarming experiment conducted in 2013, one scientist could make a subject move his arm to push a button just by thinking about it. Both participants had nothing more than an electrode cap on and some clever code connecting them. Apparently, the subject could resist if he wanted, which provides some reassurance that we won’t soon all become remote- controlled zombies.

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