Engineers as Scientists

See a pattern emerging? There is a long tradition of software engineers who have degrees in both computer science and the liberal arts. For example, my friend Soren Johnson has degrees in both history and computer science. This served him well in becoming one of the most successful computer game designers (as someone who both designed and engineered) of his generation, contributing to projects such as Spore and helming the fourth generation of the Civilization series. If fact, it is now dogma that to be a great computer game designer you must be engineering your games. Although this sort of background will remain a strong one for people in Soren’s specific medium of computer games, the many software engineers involved in companies impacted by emerging technologies will need to have broader and deeper scientific and engineering training if they want to participate in architecture and design. Otherwise, they will be limited to being coders. There is nothing wrong with that; we will need millions of them in the world to keep up with the spiking demand of digital products and services. But, if you want to be a leader, or just want to be someone who creates as opposed to implements, significantly more scientific knowledge is where it is at.

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