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A short course of lectures
«100 Questions and Answers About How to Quit Smoking»

Nonsmoker's RightsPeripheral Nervous System (PNS)What are the physiological changes taking place during withdrawal?What is the legal age to smoke?Results Regarding the Effectiveness of These Programs ConflictWhat is Chantix?Can smoking cessation be done "one-on- one" with a counselor or health educator, or must it be in a group?Why has there been so much controversy regarding cigarette smoking as being addictive?What are the Surgeon General's Reports?CigarettesAre there herbal remedies for smoking cessation?What is the history of tobacco use?The Twelve Steps of Nicotine AnonymousASPIREWhat are the qualifications of professionals who run smoking cessation groups?Herbal RemediesAsian AmericansWhat are the recommendations for when you should take medication in order to quit smoking?What are the risks of secondhand or environmental smoke?Nicotine GumAutonomic Nervous systemTen Key Guideline RecommendationsAre there different "types" of smokers, for example casual smokers versus chain smokers? Are there personality or physiological differences between types of smokers?Differences in Gender-Specific Health RisksWhat are my chances of recovery from smoking-related diseases such as cardiac disease, lung cancer, chronic pulmonary disease (including emphysema), and stroke?SIX. Special PopulationsWhat is Healthy People 2010? Is smoking cessation included in its national goals?What is the "Great American Smoke Out"?GlossaryWhat is the current trend in smoking cessation treatment?What are the success rates of smokers who quit "cold turkey" and those who quit by participating in a smoking cessation program?Chewing TobaccoWhat other non-NRTmedication therapies are available, if any?What are the laws regulating tobacco?The Youth Tobacco Prevention Policies and Programs in Schools and Communities, developed by The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)What are the rates of smoking between socioeconomic groups and educational levels ?RISKHow many times does a typical smoker quit throughout his or her life?What is the mission of the FDA, especially in regard to tobacco ?TWO. DiagnosisWhat are the mortality rates from smoking in the United States? Worldwide?Is tobacco a drug?Does my risk for a specific illness related to smoking change after I quit smoking?Nicotine Nasal SprayIf I am addicted to tobacco, will I be predisposed to other addictions?How successful will I be at quitting smoking?How long does it take to become addicted to tobacco?Are the mentally ill more at risk of addiction to nicotine?EPIDEMIOLOGYWhat are the medical consequences of tobacco use?Can you list all of the specific diseases associated with smoking?What have been the results of the Master Settlement Agreement since the settlement occurred?Is it ever too late to quit?What are the current trends in quitting smoking?What are the differences in the rates of tobacco use among different ethnic groups?What are the differences between men and women regarding rates of tobacco use, history of tobacco use, and their health risks?BidisWhat is the difference between a "slip" and a "relapse"?Native American TeensPipesWhy do I need to gain support from family, friends, and others to succeed?What are some of the medication aids, notably the nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs), to smoking cessation ?Nicotine InhalerHookahsHow can smoking affect my baby during pregnancy?How can smoking be an addiction but at the same time be different from drugs we normally associate with addiction?Men and WomenWhat is cognitive behavioral therapy and how is it helpful?What is meant by a "safe" cigarette?How have the Surgeon General's Reports affected the smoking habits of Americans?The ElderlyThe Twelve TraditionsHow old should my child be before I talk to him or her about smoking?LobeliaWhat are the differences in the smoking habits at different ages, from children to the elderly?How do I know if I am addicted to nicotine?GinsengWhat are the different ways in which tobacco is consumed?Are there any long-term psychological or emotional symptoms that I should expect long after I stop smoking?CigarsCultural and Spiritual FactorsAfrican AmericansFOUR. TreatmentMy spouse is a heavy smoker who refuses to get help to quit. What should I do?What is my healthcare professional's role in my smoking cessation?THREE. Risk, Prevention, and EpidemiologyCan I become addicted to any of the drugs used to assist a person to quit smoking?SnuffThe American Stop Smoking Intervention (ASSIST)Native American WomenHow successful are people who quit on their own?Biological DifferencesWhat are the psychological effects of nicotine?How much does a smoking cessation program cost?Gender Differences in Diseases Found in SmokersWhat is tobacco?Am I eligible for any legal compensation for a smoking-related illness since the MSA?What can I do to avoid "triggers"?How do I know if my child will become a smoker?What are the physiological effects of nicotine?PREVENTIONDoes insurance pay for any of the smoking cessation programs or products?FemalesWhat are the success rates of the non-NRT therapies?Psychological TraitsWhat is the prevalence of tobacco use?What was the effect of the lobbying efforts of the flight attendants union on the rules about smoking on airlines?Native Americans and Alaskan NativesWhat can I do to ease any residual psychological or emotional pain short of taking medication?How does smoking affect the liver?What are tar and nicotine?What is the Master Settlement Agreement?Where does nicotine act on the nervous system?What is "the vicious cycle of addiction to tobacco and nicotine"?What are the chemicals in tar that are carcinogenic, and how do they cause cancer?SEVEN. SurvivingWhat are the success rates of the five nicotine replacement therapies alone and in combination with other forms?Why do people use tobacco?FIVE. Associated ConditionsHow dangerous is nicotine?Why did it take so long to determine that smoking was addictive?Should I enroll my child in a prevention program?How do I talk to my child about smoking?How does smoking alter DNA?What are the benefits of enrolling in a smoking cessation program, and what is the average length of stay of a smoking cessation program?What effects does the Internet have on the tobacco industry and cigarette sales and on teen smoking?What is addiction ?MalesTarAre there 12-stepprograms for cigarette smokers, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)?Prevention and Smoking Cessation ProgramsHow does smoking affect breast milk?If I don't inhale will I have less of a chance of getting a disease, such as lung cancer?The Five A's Model for Treating Tobacco Use and DependenceONE. The BasicsWhat are some of the important chemicals making up tar? How do these chemicals affect the brain and the body?The No Tobacco Use Program (TNT Program)What risk factors contribute to people smoking?NicotineI have so many pleasant memories of smoking. How can I create unpleasant memories about it?Why is group therapy as important as anti-tobacco drug therapy ?What is the suicide risk associated with the anti-smoking drug Chantix?I don't like gaining weight when I stop smoking. Why do I gain weight? What can I do about it?Acetylcholine Receptor SubtypesSmoker's RightsWhat is meant by "tobacco is a gateway drug"?What anti-tobacco education is being done in the schools? How effective are programs such as DARE?The Nicotine PatchWhat is Bupropion SR?DEDICATIONNicotine LozengeHow do chemicals such as nicotine work in the brain?Are there any health benefits to tobacco or nicotine?What screening tools are used to diagnose addictive smokers?Where can I find more information?KavaIn case I can't get in touch with my buddy or family members, is there a 24-hour hotline I can call?What are the rights of smokers and nonsmokers?Somatic Nervous SystemHispanicsWhat are the other prevention programs for children?
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