Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy

This joint committee was established in 2010 to consider not only the National Security Strategy, but also the government structures for decision-making on national security, particularly the role of the National Security Council and the National Security Adviser. It has taken evidence on national security and the EU, the nature of the UK’s alliance with the US; and energy security. In January 2104, it took evidence from the Prime Minister. It is chaired by a member of the Lords (Margaret Beckett, a former Foreign Secretary) and has 22 members, including the chairs of 7 Commons departmental committees with an interest in the subject matter (Business, Innovation and Skills, Defence, Energy and Climate Change, Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, International Development, and Justice), and the chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee.

'Legislative' committees

Although most legislation is considered by general committees, several select committees are concerned with different types of legislation:

  • • Consolidation, &c., Bills
  • • Human Rights
  • • Regulatory Reform
  • • Statutory Instruments.

The European Scrutiny Committee might also be included in this list but, as it deals with a wide range of EU policy matters, as well as legislation, we have treated it as a cross-cutting committee.

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