Strategic Planning

Strategic planning serves as a vehicle for a company's calculated growth. Interviewers will gauge the steps you take to develop an action plan that will take an organization from A to Z.

Question 89. Tell me about an important event you managed from beginning to end.

situation: As an independent contractor, I plan an annual wine-tasting fund-raiser for a local charity.

action: I single-handedly manage everything that needs to be done, from creating press kits that communicate key message points to handling the logistics of the event, to providing on-site hosting.

result: Since the fund-raiser draws celebrities and public figures, the event garners national media attention. In turn, this attention translates into worldwide visits to the charity's Web site, where online contributions make up 25 percent of annual donations.

Question 90. Give an example of a time when your strategic planning skills came in handy.

situation: Greenvale Studios staff was going through a transition, during which its corporate brand was diminishing. I was recruited to implement a strategy that would revitalize the Studio's position in the market.

action: The first order of business was to put together a focus group to determine the positive and negative impressions of our products. Once we had the results, I met with the advertising department to brainstorm ideas for updating the products' images and redesign the marketing to appeal to new consumers.

result: The process of rebranding takes time, but incrementally the organization started to rebound.

Question 91. Describe an occasion when you were charged with planning a company event.

situation: When I was employed with Knots Landing Properties, the owners wanted to implement a measure that would position the company as a good corporate citizen that took an active interest in the community's growth.

action: To attract business leaders to an event that would call attention to the company, I suggested a golf outing, with proceeds allocated for a scholarship fund for students majoring in business administration. The owners embraced the idea, and I was charged with handling the logistics, including negotiations with the facility where the event was to take place.

result: Over the years, this golf match has become the go-to event of the summer and draws over one thousand participants.

Question 92. Tell me about a time when you partnered with another department to execute a plan.

situation: As a strategic pricing manager for Knoxville Ventures, it was my role to mitigate pricing problems and capitalize on pricing opportunities.

action: I collaborated with the marketing department to determine our products' attributes and our competitors' strengths and weaknesses, so as to determine the proper price point.

result: Based on the information we gathered, I developed a monetary value that increased Knoxville's revenue by 15 percent.

Question 93. Describe an occasion when using strategic partners benefited the company's bottom line.

situation: As the associate director for the real estate finance division for Luxurious Commercial Properties, my oversight responsibilities included structuring, analyzing, negotiating, and financing plans for housing projects and programs.

action: I have been in this business long enough to have developed strategic relationships with equity partners, third-party developers, bankers, and underwriters. Consequently, I leveraged those relationships to negotiate better loan terms.

result: While employed with Luxurious Commercial Properties, every loan I worked on closed. This is an unprecedented feat in the company's history.

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