Question 135. Give me an example about a time when a routine procedure presented a challenge.

situation: One of my responsibilities with Minerals Title Company was to run in-depth title searches. To gather the information needed for clearances, I visited courthouses, tax appraisal offices, county clerk offices, and abstract offices. Most of the time the information was easy to find. However, sometimes there were discrepancies regarding who owned the property and further research was required.

action: One specific title search was especially complicated and I conducted Internet searches to track down public and private information on ownership. Identifying the correct owner was more difficult than usual because the property had been handed down from generation to generation.

result: My persistence paid off, and I identified the rightful owners. In fact, in the three years that I was a title searcher, I always managed to identify the property owner without resorting to soliciting help from a peer in the office.

Question 136. Describe a time when you stumbled on a problem you did not know existed.

situation: My employment with MRI Technologies ranged from being so busy that taking a lunch break was impossible to being so quiet that the day was boring.

action: During the downtimes, I did not spend my time browsing the Internet for the latest gadgets. Instead, I spoke with department heads to discover ways that I could improve our processes.

result: It came to my attention that the problem of multiple data-entry errors needed to be addressed. After careful research, I oversaw the selection and deployment of an RIS-integrated PACs system that, in the end, slashed entry mistakes by 95 percent.

Question 137. Describe a time when you solved a problem using a skill you acquired through professional training.

situation: The last training I received was on leadership, where I learned the power of attentive listening and compromise. Before training, I would have developed a plan and then delegated the responsibilities without requesting input from the team.

action: Now, I choose certain projects and I ask team members for their thoughts on how to proceed in accomplishing them.

result: I realized that, when given a chance, everyone in the group wants to contribute innovative ideas. Additionally, I found that when employees have a say, they take an active interest in achieving the end result.

Question 138. Tell me about an occasion when you solved a problem without using the resources you needed.

situation: Along with four other people, I was hired to start a customer service department.

action: As a team, we set up protocols and scripts that outlined common customer inquires. The department was coming together well, until two team members resigned within days of each other.

result: Owing to a hiring freeze, neither of the ex-employees was replaced. Brenda, the remaining co-worker, and I managed to do the work of four people without increasing our hold times or sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Question 139. There are many people applying for this position. Recall the last achievement that demonstrates you are the right candidate for this position.

situation: At Sports Action Company, I conceptualized, launched, and managed an active-lifestyle product line across three categories.

action: Keeping in mind the company brand and its apparel program, I created advertising strategies and campaigns.

result: My efforts garnered the interest of Active Fit, the largest independent retailer for sports apparel. Securing that major account opened doors to additional lucrative contracts.

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