Luxury Selling: Lessons from the world of luxury in selling high quality goods and services to high

Why Did You Choose This Book?We Are Selling Every DaySelling Is Not Always EasyLuxury Creations Are About Exceptional PurchasesHigh-Value Products Imply A Real Decision Making ProcessComplicated Products Entail Cautious Decision Making ProcessesEmotional Products Imply That The Decision Making Process Is Not Always RationalSelling Is Great!Be LuxuryLuxury LookBe Clean And NeatBe Perfectly DressedBe Sophisticated, SimplySmelling NiceLuxury SpeakingThe Gentle Tone ModeThe Natural PostureConverse Rather Than BroadcastBe PreciseEnrich Your VocabularyEnlightening Your ExpressionsGo FurtherLuxury GesturesBe Aware and Keep ControlBe GracefulPhysical Contact: Handle with Care!Shake HandsTouching ArmsKisses and HugsBuilding Luxury InteractionsA Personal RelationTaking TimeBeing SpontaneousEnsuring The Human TouchEstablishing Personal RelationsSincerity Of RegardThe Power Of A Friendly SmileA Caring RelationBe GentleRespect Your CustomerHelping Your CustomerA Gentle Place: Build HarmonyProtect Your CustomerBe GenerousOffer Without Expecting Things In ReturnEveryone Likes Good Surprises!Offer The ExtraordinaryBe CaringSincerity: Stay HonestEmpathy: Assume Your Customer's Position, Really UnderstandSympathy: Be Able To Really Care About Your CustomerBuild CompetencyKnowledge (information)Know-How (selling techniques)Knowing HowTo Behave (attitude)Decide The Changes For YourselfLearning By ExperimentationLuxury Customer's Decision ProcessUnderstanding LuxuryLuxury Goes Beyond Simple FunctionalityLuxury Is Necessarily QualitativeLuxury Is About PleasureLuxury Is About The Long Term, and SustainabilityLuxury Is Always EmotionalLuxury Is Not About PriceLuxury Is RelativeSelf-AffirmationNeed For Self-EsteemEager For SuccessSocial AccomplishmentThe Expectation Of RewardsIt Is Always About Self-AffirmationPleasuresNeeded PleasuresPleasure Of Self-AffirmationPleasure Of The BestPleasure Of PowerPleasure Of The RelationshipPleasure Of IntelligenceLuxury Is About PleasureNew Clients: New Money, New GenerationBrands and Only BrandsNew EducationNo Complex and No GuiltAbundance Of InformationAbundance Of PropositionsThe Client In A HurryClients' ExpectationsInternational ClienteleKnow Where Your Guests Are FromBe Yourself, Be NaturalBeware Of Physical ContactEuropean Customers: Heritage and EmotionRussian and Middle Eastern Customers: Exceptions and PrivilegesMiddle Eastern Customers: Exclusivity and ImportanceJapanese Customers: Tradition and PerfectionAmerican CustomersDigital ImpactDigital AgeThe Need For MultimediaThe Conversational ModePeer-To-Peer As AuthoritativeThe Cross-Border PhenomenonChinese Customers: Some Keys For SuccessSentiment and AppreciationRecognize Chinese ConsumersWhy Do Chinese Tourists Buy So Many Luxury Products?Dealing With Chinese TouristsSelling To Chinese CustomersBuild a Relationship With Your Chinese CustomersClient PsychologyLuxury Selling Is About PsychologyPsychology Is About ME, and How Others See MEEgo ExpressionInfluence PositivelyLuxury SellingActive SellingReasons For Buying: DesireReasons For Not Buying: FearRationale For Decision MakingEmotion In The Decision Making ProcessTension and StressPersuasionConvincing A Customer?Using The Persuasive ApproachIn Transactional ModeHarmless ManipulationThe Five Motivational FactorsSpecific Decision ProcessThe Five Decisional FactorsFocus On The Key Factors FirstThe Power Of The BrandUnderstand Your BrandOpen The Brand DoorBe A Brand AmbassadorInsist On The Brand's Key AssetsProduct DesiresFrom Need To DesireFrom Functional To EmotionalFrom Product To CreationThe Dimensions Of A ProductPrice—ValuePrice Level PerceptionA Price Is A ValueA Value Is An Addition of ValuesDefending Your PriceMoney Is Never An IssuePlace—ServiceCustomers Still Need A Retail SpaceCustomers Still Need A Good Sales AdvisorCustomers Have More and More Choices Of Places To BuyHow To Make Customers Buy Locally and From You?Five Times"Now" Is Always PossibleEmphasize The OpportunityCreate A Sense Of UrgencyTime Is Precious To EveryoneTime Is At The Last Stage of Decision MakingTime to RecapThe 7 StepsActive SellingA Roadmap To SuccessThe 7 Steps to SuccessActive SellingThe Road To Active SellingBe Intelligent!Be Creative!Step 1: PreparingCompetenceKnowledge PreparationKnow-how PreparationPreparation For Knowing How To BehaveStep 2: WelcomingWelcome GenuinelyService To Gain TrustShow Concern and InterestRetain Your CustomerStep 3: DiscoveringDiscover SubtletyThere Are Always Desires, MotivationsDiscover Whose DecisionObserve DiscreetlyListen ActivelyQuestion StrategicallyTest PrudentlyThe Art Of DiscoveryProposeStep 4: PresentingThe Dimensions Of A ProductA Product Is an Addition of Decisional ComponentsA Product Is An Addition Of IntelligenceA Product Is Also A CreationDescribe ElegantlyShowing It Is Better Than Saying ItProve It, Since It's TrueDemonstrate The SimplicityTell Stories About The ProductFocus On Main Selling PointsHandle With Care: It's PreciousRomance and ReassureStep 5: ConvincingDetect The Level Of InterestFear: A Powerful and Normal SentimentObjection, Expression Of FearsDealing With ObjectionsPrice ObjectionFacing BargainingTime To SummarizeStep 6: ClosingDetect The Buying SignsFocus On The Customer's MotivationOffer Financial BenefitsFacilitate PaymentOffer A Price AccommodationFocus on the Decision MakerTo Win, You Need To Learn About LosingKey Words for ClosingStep 7: Building A RelationshipStart A RelationshipThe Perfect FarewellWhen A Customer Leaves Without Making A PurchaseKeep A Relationship: Customer Relationship ManagementDatabaseRelational PlanHappy CustomersBe Customer FocusedBe Active In SellingBe Yourself
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