Be Perfectly Dressed

Let us start with suits: a risk-free option for women and a must for men. A suit does not mean uniform and, to the contrary, a good suit should never look like a uniform. When possible (it can be always, if you make the effort to find tailoring at reasonable prices) your suit should be custom-tailored but if it cannot be, then your suit must be perfectly adjusted. Gentlemen, you also need to suffer to look good! A good suit has to fit like a glove, not like a sack. And there are so many subtleties to fitting a suit correctly.

Look at a suit as you would look at yourself. It has to express your personality and contribute to your self-branding. Pick lapels for differentiation; yes, but which size of lapel? How many buttons? Three buttons (looking serious), two buttons (looking classic) and why not a single-button suit (looking young)? There is an infinite choice of fabrics (plain, stripes) and textures and we recommend that you select something classic, with natural elegance.

Golden Rule Corner

You are what you look like. It is up to you to appear as who you want to be. It is about self-branding.

Women who choose to wear a suit do not need to look like “an office lady.” Again, it is all about the choice of the silhouette. A suit can be very feminine, just as it can be very masculine, depending on how, and if, it is styled.

Many clients will immediately recognize the signs of fine tailoring, adopted by the sales advisor, such as working buttons on sleeves, a specific ticket pocket and the quality of the buttons used (horn).

When selecting your shirt or “chemisier,” the safe choice is simple white or a light color which matches the suit. Again, it is all about the details: the color, the right cut for men and the appropriate feminine touch for ladies. You can play with variations in texture rather than trying to stand out with audacious bright colors.

Shoes are important to “finish” the total look. High heels contribute significantly to the feminine silhouette. One’s choice of footwear is a clear sign of selfconfidence for ladies and education for gentlemen. I encourage advisors to seriously invest in the very best shoes they can afford. They will be long-lasting, more comfortable and look good. Learn how to shine them perfectly! Again, a demanding customer will immediately recognize a properly done shoe shine as a sign of respect for others and of a superior education.

As you can see, we are more focused on the details in putting together what you wear than in simply creating an effect with an outstanding, colorful outfit.

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