Be Precise

The products you are selling are full of detail and very precisely elaborated— whatever it is, whether a Luxury creation or a financial investment package. By being particular and precise in the words you are using, you will definitely illustrate the superiority of your products.

A pair of men’s dress shoes? Let us be very precise. First they are characterized by the way they are fastened. They could be Oxford, Derby, a Monk’s strap or slips-on. And they are also named as per their decoration (example: Brogue), the style (example: moccasin). By calling your product by the right word, you are already giving a clear message about the seriousness of your product and also your own professionalism.

Manager's Corner

Rework your team's vocabulary.

There are always better ways to speak about your brand, products and services.

Enrich Your Vocabulary

Luxury selling means that your vocabulary should be rich, elegant and inspiring.

Martial with Mr. Peter Wang:

“Peter, I am very proud to submit my new timepiece for your appreciation. It’s a grand complication deserving all your attention. Our creator decided on a very nice 18 Kpink gold 4 N, and in an appropriate size of 42 mm, in a round-shaped case. The strap is in Louisiana midnight blue alligator, and of course hand stitched for the demanding collector such as yourself, Peter. ”

You can find appropriate vocabulary most of the time in internal documents or on corporate internet sites. But it is also worth looking in magazines, on competitors’ website and so forth. The beginning point is to be curious, and to have a willingness to upgrade, to please, to seduce. Sometimes, by just looking at the brochures and catalogues that your company provides, you will already be able to find the different seductive terms that you could use.

Golden Rule Corner

Be inspired if you want to inspire.

Your words reveal your professionalism and the trust you deserve.

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