Enlightening Your Expressions

A Luxury product and superior product cannot be just normal. They are always exceptional, amazing, extraordinary, incredible, absolutely delicious, awesome...

The best sales advisors have in their portfolio many expressions able to reflect positivity, joy and the pleasure of being in contact with these products. It is the privilege of being able to work with high-value creations and this has to be translated into the way sales advisor expresses themself.

Alice with Mrs. and Mr. Taylor:

“Madame, you look absolutely magnificent with this full-paved diamond necklace. It looks like it has been specially created for you. Simply extraordinary!”

Golden Rule Corner

Upgrade the Yes and No: practice the No-Yes and No-No A simple upgrading is to never use "Yes" or "No"

"Yes" -> "wonderful", "absolutely", "certainly", "great"

"No" -> "I regret that", "I am sorry", "let's look at other options"

Go Further

To self-improve, the best way is to listen to yourself.

Record yourself speaking about your products.

Are there words that you could upgrade? Do you have the right tone?

Are there any other possibilities to say the same things differently, in a nicer way?

Your words and expressions should reflect the image of the Luxury creations, in line with the high value products you are selling.

After looking Luxury, you prove you can be Luxury by the way you speak.

Luxury Selling


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