Luxury Gestures

Your image and language are just right. Now it is about gestures. The way you move in the store, how you sit, tells a lot about you. This also applies to your hands and the different, nicely controlled gestures that need to become part of your expression and will help your communication.

Be Aware and Keep Control

Every part of your body is able to move. It is possible to express things through movements and gestures. It is important to consider the impact of movements and gestures and to keep them under control. Let us look at this from head to toe:

Forehead: Up, down movement

Eyebrows: Up, down movement

Eyelids: Blinking at different speeds

Eyeballs: Up, down, right, left movement

Nose: When breathing heavily

Ears: Ability to move them is rare

Mouth/lips: Very expressive

Tongue: Movement inside the mouth can be seen

Shoulders: Very expressive

Arms: Very expressive

Hands: Highly expressive true communication tool

Upper torso/waist: Right, left movement

Stomach area: When breathing heavily

Hips and legs: Movement

Feet: Movement

Your body expresses more than you think, and can betray you—dangerously. A raised brow usually indicates questioning, surprise or anger.

On the other hand, when gestures are mastered they reinforce your messages and empower your communication. After being conscious of what movements convey, you need to learn how to best control them.

Eyebrows: Can express surprise, but also negativity. Avoid moving them

Eyelids: Blink normally, avoid changes during the conversation

Eyeballs: Never look at customers sideways - sales advisors are not spies!

Nose: Some people tend to move their nose when they are nervous. Keep cool!

Ears: Some people’s ears move when facing tense situations. Relax!

Mouth/lips: The rule is simple. Keep on smiling. What might change is the size of your smile, not the fact that you need to keep on smiling no matter what!

Tongue: Customers should never see your tongue protruding from your mouth for any reason. It’s always a sign of poor education and bad manners.

Shoulders: They need to stay straight. Moving your shoulders up could be seen as aggressive. Moving them down would suggest a kind of tiredness or fatigue.

Arms: Keep them close to the body. Avoid big, scary, arm-waving gestures. Well mastered arm movements show that you are comfortable and the conversation is going well.

Hands: Hands are extremely expressive and many people (French, Italians) move hands naturally. Learning how to use your hands is essential. Open your palms, in a natural way, and avoid closing them. Always show both hands to your customers because this is reassuring. Moving hands gently is also sign of kindness.

Fingers: Fingers are there to help customers. And of course they should avoid all other activities!

Legs: Do not cross your legs even when you sit (it will be seen) and also because it will change the way you sit.

Golden Rule Corner

Express yourself through gestures by keeping control of the parts of your body that you can move.

As you can see, your body is part of your set of communication tools.

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