Building Luxury Interactions

Successful sales advisors are able to establish true and long lasting relationships with their clients. Moreover, they are able to set up, very quickly if not immediately, a quality customer relationship. They are necessarily outgoing, open, pleasant and charming. Going further than breaking the ice, the best advisors know how to “attract” (like a magnet) the customer to them.

This interaction has to be personal, sincere, friendly and caring.

A Personal Relation

The level of a personal relationship can be proportional to the value of the purchase. When you are at a fast food stand, the different menus are defined— you can only select few items. The ordering process is defined. Even your answers are set; it is mechanical and automatic. Let us study the differences between Luxury interactions and a fast food counter.

Taking Time

The first difference is the time factor. You need to take all the necessary time to allow a personal relationship to be able to develop. Customers always have time, even if they sometimes say they are in a hurry. You are never in a hurry if the service and the pleasure are there.

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