The Power Of A Friendly Smile

A first reason to smile: smiling is very pleasant for the one who smiles and also for the one who sees the smile. A sales advisor with a smile on his face tends to be more relaxed and more able to establish a quality, engaging relationship with clients and colleagues.

A smile is the true sign of an open attitude, expressed on the face. The eyes and the mouth show this open attitude. A smile is also the universal message of peace. It says to your customer: “I am a very nice person and I think that you are too.”

A smile very often receives immediate reciprocity. It is difficult to not smile back at someone who just smiled at you.

A smile means pleasure. By showing that you interact with pleasure with your client, you are giving a nice compliment and are establishing a positive mood in the relationship.

A smile means self-confidence. Because you are relaxed, you look competent.

A smile is sign of strength. Leaders of the world smile, showing their teeth in a positive way. Facing an objection, a sales advisor that smiles gives the impression of someone with experience and able to handle the objection.

Are there times when you should not smile? Some argue that smiling can make sales advisors look less respectable, less professional. That might be true in business-to-business relationships. In retail, especially when there is a need to reassure, and the building of a quality relationship is key, I can only invite all sales advisors to practice giving a smile in a meaningful way, sincerely and from the heart.

Golden Rule Corner

Everyone shall smile, even to each other and not only to clients. Smiles are deliciously contagious.

A Caring Relation

A friend is someone who cares about you. More than just showing interest in your customer, try and really care about them. You will find that caring gestures help to quickly establish and solidify interaction so that a long-term relationship can develop and grow.

Henry: “Mr. Hudson, it’s so hot outside today. You must be quite hot in a business suit. May I offer you a refreshment?”

Alice: “Mr. Taylor, Paris is my city and, please, if you need me to recommend

restaurants, or if you have any specific requests, please just tell me!”

We will go into greater detail in the following sections, describing the spirit that will help you to succeed in acquiring this Luxury selling state of mind: be gentle, generous, human and professional.

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