Be Gentle

Gentillesse" meaning kindness, is a very nice word in French.

A kind person is someone who cannot harm you. Providing services is not sufficient: service is expected and Luxury selling invites you to go beyond.

Story Corner

Franck is a sales advisor for a prestigious international men's luxury brand on New Bond Street. One day, a tourist from China was visiting his store. He was not very convinced by the made-to-order suits the brand was proposing and did not place any orders. Before leaving, the client asked him if he knew where to order bespoke suits in London. Franck took him, on his private time the next morning, to the different tailors on Savile Row. After visiting a few boutiques, the client asked Franck to go back to his boutique and placed the biggest single order of the year. "It's too complicated, he said to Franck. I have already found you—a good advisor—and I can be sure that my suits will be perfectly made!"

Respect Your Customer

The primary gentle gesture is about respect, so give full respect to your customer. It means that when your customer comes into your boutique or showroom for luxury cars, be sure to leave the necessary space and time. These gestures of respect are what your customer will expect from the best maisons.

When a customer comes in as a couple or as a family, be particularly sure to show respect to all of the family members. Look at and address all of the family members in the most courteous manner. Do not ignore any of them. If you take good care of the spouse, the child/children and all other family members, you can be sure that the senior customer in the family will not forget. If you take good care of any child in the family, you can be sure that the parents will appreciate it and will not forget your kind gesture.

Moreover, sometimes a customer comes into a store with assistants, bodyguards or domestic helpers to mind their children. Do not hesitate to offer drinks to all and be sure to at least acknowledge their presence. Somehow, you have to thank them for being there, which will allow your customer to talk to you.

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Golden Rule Corner

Treat all visitors equally. Give attention to everyone.

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