A Gentle Place: Build Harmony

Customers coming to a store see it very quickly: it is in our instinct. When sales advisors are only there to sell, and at any price, they immediately feel it and walk away—escape. In the same way, customers feel very quickly when the store atmosphere is wrong: too much tension, no teamwork—an unhappy team will not produce a happy atmosphere for the boutique. Each sales advisor shall treat each colleague, from doorman to the tea lady the same way and as gently as possible. Smiling to each other is essential in a sales team, including always addressing each other by name and with the most elementary expressions of politeness: please and thank you.

Manager's Corner

Treat your team with "gentillesse" (kindness), and your team will treat your customers nicely. A gentle place is always made by the addition of happy and good hearts.

Protect Your Customer

A good friend cares about you, and will even protect you. There are various ways to show your customer that you are making an effort to protect him/her. A good sales advisor should never name-drop or mention any private data concerning his customers. Think about it—how can a customer trust you if are disclosing others clients’ information? Protecting your customer also includes the way you care about customer security in general.

A first example is when a customer has to key-in the code for a credit card payment. Not only should the sales advisor avoid looking at the customer at this moment, but they should be sure to prevent any other customers possibly seeing the code. A customer’s shopping bag, with a prestigious name on it, could become a security issue for some. Depending on the situation, it would make sense to propose covering the branded bag with a neutral bag, if the customer is going to spend the day touring in the city. Walking your customer to the taxi rank/stand or limousine is another simple protective gesture.

Especially nowadays, with all the security issues present in cities, customers will appreciate the different possible protections you could propose:

“Madam, would you like me to call our customer car to escort you to your hotel?”

“Madam, if you wish, I can also personally carry your bag directly to your hotel. I was thinking that you may not want to walk around Paris with too many things. ”

These caring gestures are always appreciated, whether the customer feels they need them, and accepts them, or not.

A strong sales advisor is not the one speaking the loudest. Being gentle is another sign of strength, as is the smile. It does not mean being weak. The best sales advisors have this inner self-confidence, expressed softly and sweetly.

The best gentle gestures are always the generous ones. By showing the highest respect to clients, my experience tells me that you will never be disappointed. More than immediate business, kindness often brings pleasant surprises. Reciprocity is part of human nature. By giving first, a sales advisor has more chance to receive in return than the one who is only thinking about immediate business.

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