Knowing HowTo Behave (attitude)

At the start of this book I discussed sales advisors extensively:

  • - How to look Luxury: to be remarkable
  • - How speak Luxury: to set your conversation at a Luxury level
  • - How adopt Luxury gestures: to be graceful

And also I invited you to be as generous as possible. Be gentle, caring about your customer; you will surely be rewarded.

This knowledge is easy to acquire, and it is possible to learn good selling techniques. What will really make the difference is your selling behavior.

You will make the difference because you are able to inspire and develop and keep a long-term relationship going by truly caring about your customer.

Golden Rule Corner

Being knowledgeable and skillful makes you a professional.

Your behavior is what makes your selling, Luxury selling.

Decide The Changes For Yourself

I invite you to do a simple exercise. Please think about yourself, inspired by this chapter, and ask what you could you do to keep on improving? Write around ten “post-it" notes outlining the different changes that you want to realize for yourself, such as:

  • - Adopt light and subtle make-up
  • - Adopt wearing a tie and pocket square
  • - Celebrate my top ten customers’ birthdays
  • - Find small gifts for kids and be ready to give them out

Place your post-its at the end of this book. When you have finished the book, look at them again. How many of the actions have been realized?

To develop your own competence, you need first to think about the three components of this competence:

Knowledge; know-how; knowing how to behave

Now you not only need to learn and accumulate knowledge, but also accept the importance of developing your own skills. I encourage you to change, in order to adopt the right attitude. And with the right attitude, you will have the self-learning spirit.

This is what I call the virtuous circle of the selling competence development (Chart 2.1).

To be Luxury is the first step in Luxury selling. Only if you have this mindset will you be able to succeed. I believe that then you truly understand your own power to influence your customers.

Chart 2.1 Competence development dynamic

Learning By Experimentation

To really learn and acquire true competence I invite you to experiment. This is a self-explanatory selling competence development program. There is no acquisition and consolidation of knowledge and selling skills without experimentation. In the same view, you only learn the right attitude by practicing it (Chart 2.2).

Golden Rule Corner

The more you sell, the more you know how to sell.

In the next chapter we are going to talk about who is in front of you: your Luxury clients. We will give you insightful information about them: who they are, why they buy Luxury. I will walk you through the different types of international clientele, and elaborate more extensively about Chinese luxury clientele.

Chart 2.2 Competence building dynamic

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