Luxury Customer's Decision Process

Understanding Luxury

Luxury selling is firstly about selling Luxury creations. You certainly want to know why your clients buy, or even need to buy, Luxury creations. Let’s firstly consider what Luxury is.

Luxury for many people means unnecessary, in the sense that the items have no real utility. Luxury for many people implies the unaffordable: “this is not for me.”

On the other hand, Luxury always offers the feeling of pleasure, of a treat or an experience. Luxury is about quality.

Story Corner

Allan Williams arrives at one of the finest hotels in Singapore with his wife Sophie. Upon their arrival, the Guest Manager greets them at the taxi, addressing Allan by name. Allan is surprised; he wonders how the Manager knew when they were arriving since Allan had chosen to travel by taxi rather than use the hotel's limousine. Allan's room is, of course, ready and the Guest Manager escorts them directly to it, for a fast and discreet check-in. Even as a frequent business traveler, Allan is impressed and very much appreciates this personal touch of luxury.

At the hotel's award-winning French restaurant, a couple are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. They hadn't celebrated their 10th anniversary; financially, it was not an easy time back then. Today, they really want to have a

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F. Srun, Luxury Selling, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-45525-9_3

memorable evening, a truly luxurious one. Allan and Sophie also decide to have dinner there—a quick dinner before going to sleep.

An American Hollywood star, Johnny, has also decided to stay at the same hotel with his family. He has made sure that he is able to enjoy a simple and discreet stay at the hotel. No press, no admirers—just a family getaway. The true luxury for Johnny is to let his children live like other people's kids do: with their parents, enjoying simple and quality family time. They ask the French restaurant to send some pancakes for the kids—that's the real treat.

Luxury is always about experience. Allan and Sophie’s check-in is magical. How was this achieved? It was not the probable five minutes of time saved by bypassing the reception desk that was particularly agreeable to Allan. It was the personal touch. He suspected that this amazing welcoming was not a coincidence and must be quite something to organize. In fact, the reception team had to make sure to have the customer data and flight details and be particularly organized. The secret tool was the luggage team who are trained to spot bags to find names and to identify guests upon arrival. The Hospitality Manager is on stand-by to check if the guest is on the VIP list. Allan and Sophie have the assurance that the hotel will do all that is necessary to make their stay a pleasant one. A simple check-in becomes a magic show—memorable.

Luxury is not simply about money. It’s also about the quality of the time, product and services that we experience. The experience of the hotel’s French restaurant could represent either a Luxury offer or just a quick bite. The true Luxury for Allan and Sophie was the magical and surprising welcoming experience. The true Luxury for the couple celebrating at the French restaurant was the decision to be together for a memorable supper. And true Luxury for Johnny was to be with his family, and only his family.

There are different kinds of Luxury. Luxury is not about utility or functionality. It is not always about money. It is about quality and pleasure. It is about experience and appreciation. It is something exceptional, an escape from daily life that we always appreciate. And we all have our own idea of luxury.

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