Luxury Goes Beyond Simple Functionality

A handbag could be considered a necessity but it does not have to be made of alligator skin or leather. It could just be made of fabric. It does not need to have a good design or be in a beautiful color. Who needs a wristwatch to read time when we all have a mobile telephone? What about the accuracy of mechanical timepieces? They are not particularly precise—even the most expensive ones are less precise than the time displayed on a cellphone! The first important idea to grasp is that Luxury goes beyond functionality—it has more to offer.

To be more precise, a Luxury creation is a superior product. It therefore utilizes advanced technology and is more durable than other items—and it offers increased functionality. The value of such a creation depends on whether you appreciate this added value.

Luxury Is Necessarily Qualitative

The quality implies research, an effort to make something better. A handbag in fabric is sufficient but when it is in leather, it is most likely to be more durable, more substantial. When in alligator skin (the most durable material), it can last indefinitely. A fabric Luxury bag would most likely be in a certain type of fabric, for example a strong canvas to give it weight and structure and it may be treated to be durable and even stain resistant. Brands are always innovating and researching in the quest for better quality in order to deliver a superior product. Of course, not everyone needs a higher level of quality. For customers of Luxury brands, quality is important, if not essential. They are often very demanding in their professional capacity, or in their private life. They feel that they deserve the same level of quality in everything they use, eat, buy and so on.

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