The Expectation Of Rewards

When we were young, we received rewards for our efforts at school: a picture, a book, a diploma. These rewards are important to us; they are part of our education. Later in our professional lives, we are concerned with performing, to earn a promotion (work recognition), a pay rise (financial reward), a management role (social power reward) and responsibility (leadership reward).

We need these rewards—it is human nature to want to progress, especially in the first active period of our lives. These rewards are a way for us to keep moving and progressing to a better life which we are all looking for. Being rewarded is part of our expectations.


“You deserved it, and I am sure that you and your husband worked hard to reach the accomplishments you have today!”

“Madame, it’s about the great feeling your husband has for you!”

We can also choose to self-reward. Our Luxury customers are affluent; they worked hard to reach their level of wealth. They also need to receive rewards along the way. Many of them are self-employed—business owners. They simply need to reward themselves from time to time. Self-rewarding is also part of their work-life balance.


“The necklace is a symbol of these years togetherprecious, marvelous, magical”. “I am sure you both treasured these years together, and here is the crown of your union!”

The key words to focus on are joy, pleasure and happiness.

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