Pleasure Of The Relationship

Even as a billionaire, you cannot afford everything. What you will appreciate the most, is what money cannot buy. It’s about health, time and life. But also it is about your family, your close friends and the people you care about.

What really count are the relationships we have—our family, friends, professional partners—the pleasurable encounters in our lives. We remember these positive moments, and they are all related to people we love and treasure. There is a genuine pleasure in meeting new people. These encounters are the highlight of the day, a ray of sunshine in the monotonous daily, business or social commitments.

There is the pleasure of being pleased, but also the pleasure of pleasing others. We all enjoy appreciation. Remember the nice feeling you have when you receive a genuine “thank you” after you have helped someone. The key phrases to use to express this relational pleasure are:

  • - “It’s a great pleasure to see you Mr. Wang.”
  • - “It’s my pleasure to talk to you Mr. Wang.”
  • - “I can tell you Mr. Wang that it’s not every day I meet someone like you in my boutique. A real pleasure!”
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