The Client In A Hurry

The pace of professional, and also private, life has increased extraordinarily with communication via the internet, mobile messaging and so on. Since every piece of information is available at all times, and anyone can access it, there is an overwhelming feeling of the need to know everything, professionally but also in one’s private life. In addition, with traveling and time differences, our customers are always connected and “plugged in.”

Expectations in terms of communication have also changed with mobile messaging. A letter used to be answered within one week. Email tends to be answered within one day. Mobile messages are expected to be answered immediately.

Most of the time, wealthy clients live in urban areas, if not in mega cities, where they benefit from extraordinary service. In Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York, online orders are delivered the same day. Wealthy customers expect the same level of performance from sales advisors.

They are impatient—be quick.

Golden Rule Corner

Be as informed as your clients.

If I know, you must know.

Clients' Expectations

Wealthy customers expect the same level of service and information as is advertised on the corporate website. They do not accept tomorrow for an answer when today is possible. They expect the best, and this includes the way information and service are delivered—fully and quickly. Traveling around the world is also part of wealthy customer’s lifestyle. They expect a service at the level of their lifestyle and this applies wherever they are in the world: buying at the best price regardless of where they purchase and benefiting from the brand’s sales advisors offering them the service they deserve—the best.

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