International Clientele

It is obviously difficult to classify customers into groups. It might even be counterproductive to do so. Therefore we explore here only the key characteristics to uncover the main things sales advisors need to pay attention to when Luxury selling to affluent customers worldwide.

Know Where Your Guests Are From

It’s always very surprising to discover how little most people know about different countries. The world is becoming smaller and Luxury sales advisors have the privilege of the world coming to their doorstep. Being aware of key facts about different countries will make you feel closer to your customers, and naturally, you will be nicer and in tune with them. We always like things better when we are familiar with them

Be familiar with the geography, but also be curious. Each country has key facts to understand; take the time to enrich your horizons. It is not only useful but enjoyable. The world is your playground and you have a great chance to meet people of different nationalities.

You can engage in a small conversation with your guest from Taiwan or Libya; they will find your general knowledge refreshing. Prepare questions; show your interest. Your guests will be appreciative and will welcome telling you about their country.

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