Japanese Customers: Tradition and Perfection

Japanese clients are definitely the most educated Luxury clientele. They not only consume Luxury, they thoroughly learn about Luxury brands and are aware of why they choose one brand over another. When a Japanese client buys, he must know why he buys. They love the tradition of artisans in the creations. Generation after generation, artisans work patiently to achieve the best possible quality. It is an endless quest that Japanese customers want to be part of. Perfection is the ultimate goal and a Luxury creation product should be as close as possible to this ideal. The artisan working on the brand’s offering is always trying to progress toward perfection.

Japanese clients are also fully informed when they visit. Some may even make an appointment in order to benefit from the best possible experience. There is no place for improvisation—for the client, or for the sales advisor receiving them into their boutique.

Story Corner

In Japan, a customer came to a Luxury car exhibition and was interested in a specific model. The sales advisor offered much advice. The client nodded, approving of the professionalism of the sales advisor. The service was good and the client agreed to leave his contact number. An appointment was made a few weeks later at the showroom. This time the customer visited with his wife. The young couple expressed their interest, notably about the different possible options and additional services—but they still needed to reconsider everything. A third meeting was organized and this time the young couple was there to listen to the sales advisor, who offered some additional options and services in order to obtain their positive decision. Payment facilitation was proposed; the young couple expressed their agreement and an appointment was made right away for the following week in order to sign the contract. At the fourth appointment, the contract was prepared and the director of the showroom came to thank the young couple personally on their choice. Another appointment was made for delivery of the car. I asked the sales advisor why it took so long, and why there were so many appointments. He answered simply that: "In Japan, customers are very professional."

American Customers

With American customers, your professionalism will be your success.

They really appreciate self-confident, knowledgeable and helpful sales advisors. My advice is to be proactive and fearless. They want to see happy, successful sales advisors.

Of course it’s a pretty general first view. But it should allow you to avoid big mistakes. Be understanding and natural—just be a nice person.

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