Digital Impact

Digital Age

From printed media (newspapers and magazines) to aired (television and radio), information has become digital (TV, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, cellphones).

Reading habits have also changed. Information is expected “now”:

  • - Everywhere (I can always be connected)
  • - Anytime (I can always have access when I want)
  • - In any way (I am free to access in the way I like)
  • - Unlimited (There is always the information I need, if I want it)
  • - Uncontrolled (I can have access to most information independently)
  • - Free (Effort is needed but most of the information is free)

This new freedom gives the feeling of POWER to the customer—and it is important to integrate this aspect of the Information Age in the selling process. A Luxury and wealthy customer is educated and connected. He knows that he can get all the information by himself, independently.

The counterpart to this new Digital Age for customers is that information is also:

  • - Time consuming (There is always a price—the time you need to find it)
  • - Unverified (Many scams and errors can take place online)
  • - Too dense (Very difficult to digest)
  • - Not memorized (Too much, too quick)
  • - Potentially dangerous (Manipulative)
  • - Mass (Not personalized)

Sales advisors facing this new information paradigm should remain confident in their role and continue to offer the best possible service to clients. Customers have access to digital information but they have no time for that. His or her time is more precious, and is devoted to the business and/or family.

Henry: “Mr. Hudson, I understand that you have studied our financial offer online before coming to see me. I hope it didn’t take too much of your precious time. I am sure that I can explain to you better than the screen because you can tell me what you want and I can tailor the information to you. That’s why my bank needs me, in order to provide you with personalized and only useful information, to simplify your decision. ”

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