The Need For Multimedia

The new Information Age is also one of images: photos, videos and audio. Customers tend to read less, preferring to look at videos and pictures. Information has to be entertaining and deserve attention.

In the selling process, when needed and appropriate, do not hesitate to add photos, videos and audio. Customers’ attention is short. Instead of explaining to the new generation, show a video and let the images speak. Videos should be short, images easy to understand, and audio smooth and pleasant.

Customers are in the fully blended communication network every day. Adapt yourself: mix words, videos, pictures and audio. The multi-channel communication network allows the sales advisor to retain the attention of the client, and reinforce his messages by proving what is clearly true: the images.

The Conversational Mode

Customers do not want only to receive information; they also want to contribute. They want a conversation (social media) and do not want to be broadcasted to. They look for the social link rather than an institutional site. They tend to view the official establishment as suspicious. They reject manipulation.

Sales advisors need to adopt a particular attitude when facing customers who are used to the conversation mode. Instead of lecturing, sales advisors could try what is known as the upstream information technique.

Henry: “Mr Hudson, you know, what is marvelous about my job? It’s that most of the time our clients have already spent time online and studied our financial offer. I therefore prefer to start by listening to you. Please, just tell me about what you understood and, ask me all the questions you have. ”

Moreover, customers hate to be told what they already know—what everyone already knows. Good information must be new information—and new information that counts for the customer is the right information. Customers look for exclusivity. Instead of retelling the brand story and always repeating the official statements, the products’ features and so on, it is always useful instead to go online and study the history-the story-of the brand, to enchant and create romance.

Henry: “Mr. Hudson, on our corporate website, you probably have seen that we focus mainly on our history, being one of the most trustworthy financial institutions for over 250 years. It looks like any other private banking presentation. I proudly have spent 15 years in this bank and let me tell you, that from the inside, we understand what being trustworthy means. In my personal view, people working in this bank all know that without our clients’ trust, we would all be out of a job. And if you have time, I can certainly tell you a few stories of the relationships we have built between clients and financial advisors. ”

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