Peer-To-Peer As Authoritative

Peer-to-peer information sharing is dramatically changing the way in which customers make decisions. Many blogs and collectors’ sites are featuring luxury items, with reviews from owners. Similar to travel sites where visitors can comment and assess a hotel’s details, customers simply follow the logic that:

  • - The person I can trust is the one who really did it, or is the one who owns it
  • - The person I can trust is the one who has no interest in lying
  • - The person I can trust is the one who is trusted by others

A second reasoning is, the person I can really trust is one similar to me: “This customer group I belong to cannot lie to me because they do not have any interest in influencing me.”

For a purchase, a client will search for real experience feedback, a neutral opinion, and advice from a network. Consultation within a network is also a way to create links and strengthen connections with friends.

Sales advisors have to take into account this preference for trust, and use it as a real contribution in the selling process.

Henry: “Mr. Hudson, I am not sure if you also had time to check different blogs dedicated to private banking. There are a few, very well documented, and our bank and services receive significant recognition. Of course, if you wish, I can email you links to these websites. ”

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