Ego Expression

There is nothing bad about ego as long as it is not harmful or disturbing. We all have and we all need a dose of ego. It all depends on how this ego is expressed. Customers love to talk about themselves. All you have to do is to open that space for them. Once customers are in the space, most of the time they really enjoy the experience and will reveal more and more. Talking is also a pleasure. Here are a few techniques to invite the customer to open up:

Invite the customer to talk about his world

It is particularly joyful to be able to tell people what we do—to talk about our life. Affluent customers are more willing to share than people usually expect. And most of the time they share simply, nicely and with a lot of humility.

Martial with Peter Wang:

  • - “Mr. Wang, you must have traveled a lot. I really cannot imagine how hectic your life must be. ”
  • - “It’s okay; after so many years I am really used to it. ”
  • - “May I ask where is your home or where you feel at home?”
  • - “That’s a good question.. .and my wife also asked me. You know, I just told her that home is where she and my kids are. ”
  • - “That’s very touching Mr. Wang. ”
  • Invite the customer to talk about their peers

Talking about peers might often be easier than talking about oneself. It is always meaningful for someone able to listen carefully. Customers reveal themselves by talking about others.

  • - “Mr. Wang, as a collector, I am sure that you must also know many other collectors who share your passion. ”
  • - “There are many who claim to be collectors but believe me, they just buy and do not really collect. ”
  • - “What do you mean?”
  • - “They don’t really know and sometimes are wrongly advised by sales staff.”
  • - “You are certainly a discerning collector, that’s why I really value your appreciation. And I will be very proud if you could take a decision on our creations.
  • Invite your customer to share

We all have a secret garden, some very exclusive information that we love to share—when asked. Sharing provides many joys because giving is a pleasing gesture.

  • - “Mr. Wang, I am sure that you also follow many blogs? Are there any particular ones you would recommend to me?”
  • Compliment your customer

We all like complimentsespecially when they are sincere and appropriate. Customers tend to respond to compliments and offer more information about themselves. It is sometimes a way for a customer to share their appreciation.

  • “I am so impressed about how much you already know about us. How come you don’t just do like the others who only pay attention to the major brands?”
  • “Actually, I started collecting watches before the recent fervor around watches erupted. I don’t like buying the brands everyone else has. Many of the watches in my collection are from the time when no one knew about these brands. If I am wearing a brand that everyone is talking about, I find it very showy. I am definitely not the type of person to show off.”
  • Giving importance to your customer

Pay full attention to your customer and you will be rewarded. A customer who feels important will talk easily, and confide in you.

  • - “Mr. Wong, you are a very important person to our brand. We would like to know more about how you see our brand. ”
  • Asking a favor from your customer

Why not ask for a favor when it is appropriate? It creates a more personal relationship and also valorizes the customer. By asking a favor, you are also telling the customer that you believe in her/his generosity and you are offering a unique chance to prove it.

- “Mr. Wang, could you help me understand more about high-level collectors? Are there any clubs in your country?”

The more you are able to get your customer to talk about themselves, the more you will understand not only his psychological mindset, but also his ego.

Golden Rule Corner

Speak to the customer's ego - unveil the customer's mindset.

We all care about our own ego. Ego is the reason for why we want to look good, to be admired and to make the effort to succeed. It is part of our own identity and there is nothing bad about that. Ego gives us energy, drive and the eagerness to seeking a better life.

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