Influence Positively

Your company, your brand and your products are great; nevertheless, customers always have other choices. Sometimes the offers from your competition are not better. Moreover, most of the time, products are not really comparable anyway. What is the best jewelry for Mrs. Michelle Taylor, if not the one that the couple had decided upon together? What is the best financial plan for Paul Morgan if not the one which can give him the satisfaction of having protected his family in the best way he believes he can? There are certainly many rational facts in these choices but there are also many psychological factors.

Whatever you are selling, be it a Luxury creation, a car, a property or a financial investment, you are not only selling a product to a person. You are talking to the ego of that person. You are a person influencing another person. For that, you need to be a person with a soul in order to be able to reach the essence of the person in front of you.

We will see in the following chapter how this influence can be exercised, notably by understanding what persuasion is, and how customers take decisions following five motivational factors.

Luxury selling is about being able to understand your customer’s psychology and finding ways to influence effectively. It is never about money. The high price makes evaluation necessary, but never makes the purchase impossible.

As I explained in Chapter 1, a sales advisor needs to be someone the customer can trust. A customer will only unveil themselves to someone he/she can trust. In Chapter 2, I walked you through the various possible customer mindsets.

We will consider in Chapter 4, the buying motivation and the decision process.

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