In Transactional Mode

At school and at work we are asked to be affirmative and self-confident. But one also has to remember that living with others and working on group projects requires teamwork. It is about being able to understand others’ positions, moving from one’s own position to a position that is the best for everyone. Being able to do these things are also the signs of a true leader. An efficient Manager can convince and can make decisions but is also able to compromise.

Golden Rule Corner

Always look for a potential agreement.

Harmless Manipulation

To manipulate is to influence someone to act in a certain way that is detrimental to the interests of that person.

As a sales advisor, you certainly want to lead customers to take decisions in a way which is favorable to you. In the persuasive approach, there is certainly the objective of influencing the customer to take a decision. But the decision is not necessarily harmful to the customer. If they do not buy from your brand, they might buy from another brand anyway. Even if you persuade the customer to buy, as far as the act of purchasing is concerned, it is something that will not likely put the financial situation of your customer in danger. You are only making a new and happy customer.

Sales advisor. “Mr. Hudson, how do you rate the different options?”

John: “Well, it’s true that the shorter savings plan definitely

provides less protection and therefore I have less interest in subscribing to it.”

Sales advisor. “Indeed, it’s an important decision and you were absolutely right to raise this point. Shall we, for the moment, stay on the 20-year assumption, and look together at the different investment instruments within your plan?”

Persuade, rather than convince. Be soft and fluid in the way you sell. Throughout this chapter, we will keep on demonstrating the power of the persuasive approach—along with the selling process.

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