The Five Motivational Factors

Specific Decision Process

When you visit a supermarket weekly, there are only a few decisions to be made. And if there are any, the decisions should be quick and simple. But if you want to buy a pair of elegant shoes, you will probably want to take more time over the purchasing process. Price is evidently the first factor. But there are many other factors too.

You will be confronted by many choices. Will you go back to your favorite brand or try a new shoemaker? Should you try and get a lower price, or upgrade this time to a higher price level product? What could be the budget range or maximum? Will you go back to your usual boutique or shopping areas to research your purchase or even wait for a trip abroad? Will you buy now or in few months as your shoes are still in satisfying condition at the moment?

There is always a decision making process involved when you are making an exceptional purchase. This exceptional situation might be due to the high value of the product (something you cannot afford all the time), the long duration of its potential use (something you don’t need to buy all

Table 4.3.A Products status

High Value

Very High Value

Exceptional Budget




Luxury getaway weekend with wife


Custom-made shoes

Sports car Secondary residence


Wedding rings

Wedding anniversary gift

Art pieces


Desktop computer

Family car


the time) or because of the high emotional impact (something you really care about).

The products could be at different levels of price.

Let us have a look at a few examples, for Mr. Wong and his lifestyle (Table 4.3.A):

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