The Power Of The Brand

I briefly mentioned the importance of a brand name as a decision making factor. It is now time to go into detail about the power of brands.

Understand Your Brand

Just try and find a product that you use that does not come from a brand. Try hard—there is almost nothing on the market today without a brand. Even the less obvious items all have brands behind them. For example, when you buy fruit, vegetables and groceries you are also buying from a retailer, who is a brand, and gives you all the reassurance about the quality and price of your purchases.

It is key to understand how brands can help you influence your customer. A brand speaks to a customer often and very positively. Your best selling partner can be the asset of a brand.

• A brand is a person

A brand often has a name based on the founder of the brand. It is therefore more than just a logo—It is a man or woman with an ideal. The founder is perceived as an amazing person to have been able to achieve this. There are certainly a great number of reasons to explain why he or she was able to succeed. There will also have been some great moments, and maybe also some difficulties. There are always so many stories to tell.

• A brand is a creation

A brand is full of creativity: there is no success without innovation. Mentioning to your customer the key inventions will reinforce the brand’s power. It is all about creation, invention and resilience. Your brand’s creator could not have succeeded without being audacious and bringing something new. Very often, a brand creator is motivated by wanting to make this world better and he does so.

• A brand is a successful story

A brand is always a successful story. We all love success stories, and your brand, I am very sure, has successes to celebrate. Work on a 1-minute speech: how to tell to your brand’s story like a fairy tale?

Let us have another look at Henry, advising John Hudson in the search for a new car:

Henry: “You are already a happy owner of one of our cars and you can be very proud. Did you know that half a century ago we had already engineered the 4-wheel drive powering system?”

John: “Oh, I did not know that. I thought that 4-wheel drive

power was quite new.”

Henry: “That’s why I allow myself to share our pride with you. Your new car will benefit from our long tradition of excellence, security, speed and control, as symbolized by the 4-wheel drive system.”

• A brand is made of values

A brand is a made of strong values. These values are part of the DNA of a brand, and as such are transmitted and diffused throughout the organization. Why not share these values with your clients? If you do so, very often you will see joy from your customer, who also shares exactly the same values as your brand and its founder. They will feel they are part of your brand’s tradition.

Henry: “I know that all car makers are of course security focused.

With our brand, and this since the founding of the company, security is not only an objective, it’s an obsession.”

John: “What do you mean by obsession?”

Henry: “In working for this brand for more than 15 years, I have learned that providing the safest car to our car owners is the number one priority. While some car makers will design fast cars, maybe faster ones than ours, we are always looking for the best balance between speed and safety. We always favor security over speed because you and your family’s life cannot be compromised.”

• A brand is a new territory

A brand has a territory to defend, and to expand. What is your brand’s public image? What do customers know about your brand? What is already known by a customer can easily be exploited during the selling process. Maybe some potential customers have a bad or not a good enough idea about your brand. Excellent sales advisors should anticipate this and have very convincing messages ready in order to change any negative customer perceptions.

• A brand is full of symbols and emotions

A brand is full of symbols, representation and images. A brand takes time to build recognition for these things. Customers are very sensitive to what they can easily imagine.

Manager's Corner

Engage your team to gain a better understanding of your brand with the method of storytelling. Each team member shall write his version of the brand's story. It is the story you would tell to your close family or best friends.

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