Time Is Precious To Everyone

Time is what money cannot buy. It is precious and priceless. Affluent customers probably know this better than anyone else. They spend time wisely: investing and making money. Time is also very precious to you, their trusted sales advisor. Each client presents a true opportunity to achieve sales.

A very good sales advisor is one that believes that “now,” is always possible for a customer’s purchase. A less proactive sales advisor tends to believe that customers need more time to decide and that it is normal to do so. Customers need to be reassured quickly by you, in order to close the sale as soon as possible.

A very good salesperson is also one who knows when to wait and for how long. When closing a deal is not possible, and appropriate timing is not there, you should also know how to step back and prepare for the next sales opportunity with elegance and always with the special Luxury selling touch.

Voila! We are done with the five motivational, decision making factors:

  • - Brand
  • - Product
  • - Price
  • - Place (service)
  • - Time

By always having these factors in mind, you become more efficient, able to reach the trigger and really influence the purchase decision.

We will investigate in the coming chapter, the Active Selling Method, and will walk you through the 7 steps of this selling process.

Time Is At The Last Stage of Decision Making

The customer starts by considering brand, product and price. Then it comes to the time to think about where and with whom should this crucial decision be made. Do I buy now? (Chart 4.6)

Chart 4.6 Progression of the 5 decisional factors

Time to Recap

At the end of this third part of Luxury Selling may I invite you to write a summary? It might seem old-fashioned, but if you are not able to recap now, you will probably not be able to have clear ideas later.

In the next part of the book, I will walk you through the 7 steps of the selling process. Before this journey, let us take the time for a resourceful break by sitting down and thinking back on customer’s psychology. Here is the key to the objective of influencing their decision.

Thinking Corner

Try the white page exercise! Write a 1-page summary about customers' buying behavior. Write in a style appropriate to explain it to someone who is not a sales advisor.

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