100 Questions and Answers about Women’s Sexual Wellness and Vitality

AcknowledgmentsSensuality, Sexuality, Dysfunction, and AssessmentWhat is sexual medicine?What is the incidence of sexual problems and why study them?What are the stages of the sexual response cycle?Sexual Desire or InterestArousalPlateauOrgasmResolutionWhat is normal sexual behavior?What are common sexual complaints?What is sexual aversion disorder?What is persistent genital arousal syndrome?What is involved in sexual activity and love?What is the benefit of coupling?What are some erotic or erogenous zones? What is a sexual history?What is cross-cultural sexuality? What is a sexual physical examination?What laboratory test or other radiological evaluations can I expect?Sexuality and Chronic IllnessWhat about sexuality and aging?What is the relationship between cardiovascular heart disease and sexual function?What is black widow syndrome?What is a postsex headache? How does diabetes affect my sex life?Does fibromyalgia affect my intimate relationships?How does thyroid disease affect my sexuality?Do neuromuscular diseases like multiple sclerosis affect sexuality?How does cancer affect sexuality?Am I alone or do many cancer survivors experience sexual complaints?What causes sexual problems in the cancer survivor?SurgeryRadiation TherapyChemotherapyHow can maintenance hormonal therapies, which keep my cancer under control, affect my sexual function?What is the relationship between sexuality, terminal illness, and the end of life?Gynecological Issues and Special ConcernsCan I be sexually active during my pregnancy?How Mode of Delivery Affects SexualityCan you have sex in the postpartum period?What about sex during fertility treatments?What about menopause and vaginal dryness?What is the truth about bioidentical hormones?How do fibroid tumors, tubal ligation, and endometriosis affect sexual function?How can oral contraceptives affect sexuality?What is vulvodynia?What is lesbian sexuality?How common is same-sex attraction?What about sexually transmitted diseases?I have had a hysterectomy! How can I get help?What will happen if I have my ovaries removed?Pearls for Treating Sexual ComplaintsHow do chronic systemic illnesses affect sexuality?How do medications affect sexuality? Can anything be done if I am taking a medication that is affecting my sexuality?What are structured sexual exercises and what is behavioral modification? How do these help treat sexual complaints?What are some other sexual exercises?How do soft addictions such as compulsive use of iPods, Blackberries, cellular telephones, and computer laptops exert their effects on female sexuality and intimacy?What is Tantra and how can it help sexual intimacy?What is mindfulness training?What is sexual education or bibliotherapy, and how can it help with my sexual function?What is an erotic reading list?How do I know if I need psychosexual therapy and counseling?Sex for One: The Art of Self-StimulationWhat is the history of masturbation?What are some important facts about self-pleasure and stimulation?What is the Eros Clitoral Stimulator?What is a vaginal dilator and how do I use one?What is a vibrator or self-stimulator?What is the OhMiBod?How do I use a self-stimulator?What is the G-spot? Does it really exist?Female EjaculationWhat is G-spot enhancement or amplification?Sexual PharmacologyWhat is vaginal dryness and how does it affect sexuality? What can be done?What are estrogen creams?What are vaginal estradiol tablets and vaginal rings?What is testosterone replacement and how is it linked with women's sexuality?What are some common testosterone products?How can phosphodiesterase inhibitors (medications such as sildenafil [Viagra], tadalafil [Cialis], and vardenafil [Levitra]) be helpful to women? I thought they were only for men.What is alprostadil cream?What is apomorphine?How can the antidepressant bupropion (Wellbutrin) be helpful to my sexual health?What is Flibanserin?What is tibolone?What is Bremelanotide?What are vaginal moisturizers?What are vaginal lubricants?Alternative and Complementary Medicine and SexualityHow can herbs affect sexuality?YohimbineDHEAMacaWild YamChaste BerryHorny Goat WeedGinsengWhat are some combination products?What is feminine arousal fluid?What is an intimacy-enhancing cream?What are pheromones and how can scent affect sexuality?Can certain foods enhance sexuality?Are sexual diets fact or fiction?The Mediterranean DietThe Orgasmic DietThe Testosterone DietOther Diets and CookbooksChocolate and Sexuality?Can acupuncture help my libido?Can exercise be used to improve sexual function?Using Tai Chi Chuan to Enhance Sexual FitnessToo Much of Certain Types of Exercise May Be Hazardous to Your Sex LifePutting It All TogetherWhat is sexual boredom?How can I improve my physical appearance to enhance sexual wellness?My partner and I have different levels of sexual interest. How can we deal with sexual libido mismatch?May-December Relationships, Cradle Robbers, and Cougars RevisedWhat are some general strategies to enhance intimacy and sexuality?What are some thoughts about condoms?What are some sexual accessories?What is oral sex?How to Give Pleasure to a ManHow to Give Pleasure to a WomanA Word About SafetyWhat are some sexual positions?What are some anal sex issues and answers?What are polyamorous relationships?Should we enter into the sexual fringe?Erotic Sexy Striptease Pole DancingWhat about pornography, videos, and magazines—are they friends or foes?How do I set the stage for sexuality?How can color therapy be useful for sexuality?Gemstones and SexualityIt's not sex... it's intimacy. How do you focus on pleasure rather than performance?How do we make sex a priority and make time for sex important?How do I relax and reduce fatigue so that I am receptive to sexual activity?Do I need a sexual consultation with a specialist?Where can I seek help for myself and my partner?How can I promote lifelong sexual wellness and vitality?Where can I go to learn more about the issues discussed in this book?AppendixGlossary
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