Focus on the Decision Maker

As seen in the previous section, the real decision comes from a dynamic of three roles:

  • - The one who pays
  • - The one who decides
  • - The one who will own/use the product

And since customers might take the final decision as a couple, or even with friends, observing the group/family dynamic is key.

- Spouse Power

When a man shops with his wife, most of the time he is expecting agreement from his spouse or at least no disagreement. Never understate a woman’s decision making power, even if the woman looks/seems/acts like she doesn’t know about the product or will not be using it, or even paying for it. Believe it or not, she might be the one to make the final call.

- Friends and family test

When a customer arrives with friends and family, he most likely looks for reassurance or confirmation. Obviously, good service must be provided to all visitors. And it is necessary to describe all the benefits, and the reasons for the decision to purchase, to everyone in the friends and family entourage. They are here to help your customer to decide and most likely will state objections, to be certain that all aspects of the purchase have been covered. Deal with them softly and with diligence, as discussed in the previous section.

- The “dearest” is key

In the case of Mrs. and Mr. Taylor, if Michelle says “yes,” it will be quite unlikely that Mr. Taylor will say “no.” In the case of Mr. Hudson with his car purchase, if the children love the car, you can be quite certain that the parents will be more confident in taking their purchase decision.

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