The ZAMBiDM model demonstrated in Figure 1 would be composed of four functional components these include: ZAMREN Big Data and Data Management as the core component, virtualisation which is the outer of the core, a series of operational Strategies connected to processes in the form of units or nodes.

The ZAMREN Big Data and Data Management Component

The ZAMREN Big Data and Data Management would consist of heterogeneous data repository from Zambian public and private sectors and world-wide NRENs. The data could be structured, semi-structured, non-structured, etc. Such data would cross-cut all sectors of work. In fact, ZAMREN as an UbuntuNet Alliance member is well connected to the NRENs world over. Such a link would give ZAMREN an opportunity to access a wider range of academic and research materials from

Figure 1. The ZAMBiDM Model

the NRENs across the world. The majority of the resource would come from the academic sectors covering teaching, research, library, weather, sport materials, and news. The teaching materials would include: notes, slides, electronic books, but to name a few. Whereas, the research would comprise of prescribed Conference and Journal materials.

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