ZAMBiDM Strategies and Operational Processes/Nodes

Around the virtualisation mechanism follows a series of dynamic strategies of actions that are connected and drives the ZAMBiDM functional nodes. Depending on the revolutionised technologies, these series of strategies automatically are transformed to fit the new wave of environmental methods. Each set is developed with a numerous of strategies that are operational of that particular process. The integration and synergies of these numerous strategies and process produce desired functions.

The ZAMBiDM dynamic strategies are connected to Operational Processes or Nodes these include: analytic tools, data quality tools, data accessibility, update data definitions, access data needs, elevate data to executive level, road map manage Big Data, and many more.

Analytic Tools

The ZAMBiDM system Engineers, would develop the dynamic analytic tools that are adaptive and robust to both current and future technological trends. In that way, the tools would produce effective data analytical applications with the capability to provide intended solutions. These tools would support and accommodate all kinds of data analysis processing. Stephen at el. (2009) listed and discussed the characteristics of such analytic tools as: provision of interaction and function that might be needed by those who used it for their analytical tasks; supported efficiency, seamless transition from one step to the next of the analytical process; grounds the entire analytical experience in a single, central workplace, with all displays, interactions, and functions within easy reach from there; and doesn’t require a lot of fiddling with things to whip them into shape to support your analytical needs.

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