The ZAMBiDM recruits highly qualified personnel with skills in data analytics, resource virtualisation, data warehousing, network and system administration. These specialised personnel are employed to manage the ZAMREN Big Data. The System Administrators and other Engineers collect heterogeneous data that includes teaching, research and industrial resources from all walks-of-life and store it in the ZAMBiDM system. Then, these experts manage the ZAMREN Big Data by formatting it to fit into the system. Thereafter, they carry out virtualisation to scale down voluminous and heterogeneous data to a level where they can manage such resources. Having virtualised the resources, the ZAMBiDM experts develop multiples of the strategies that drive the functionality of the connected processes as demonstrated in Figure

1. Also the experts design and develop the processes based on the user’s requirements. As new requirements arise, the System Administrators, Network Engineers and others would quickly design and develop new processes and their strategies.

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